‘1000-Lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Ready for ‘Hot Girl Summer’?

1000-Lb Sisters stars Tammy Slaton he wants to warn his fans. The TLC star says she’s ready and wants her fans to prepare for what’s to come. So what makes him happy, and why is he warning everyone?

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Gets Ready for Summer

Tammy tells her followers to be warned. 1000-Lb Sisters fans can’t help but notice all the changes in his life. Meanwhile, 2023 has been a big year for the 36-year-old TLC reality star.

Following her weight loss surgery last fall she has lost over 300 pounds so far, and she doesn’t plan on stopping now. Looks like he’s ready for a “hot summer”.

Tammy Slaton Instagram

He says he feels better than he has in years and has a new outlook on life. This year has been trying. He announced that his marriage of five months is Caleb Willingham it ended.

The couple got married last November, and earlier this year Slaton and her husband left. Also, he is now standing up and walking on his own. This is a great achievement for him. It also gave him new confidence.

The 1000-Lb Sisters star says he is she feels strong, and independent, and enjoys the curves she is making. This is giving him more confidence.

He says he’s looking forward to summer. She’s looking forward to wearing new summer clothes and showing off her progress…and a few more.

TLC Celebrity Prepares Fans for What’s to Come

The 1000-Lb Sisters the actor gave his fans a hint of what to expect this summer. In her latest TikTok, she’s smiling and flirting while mingling with popular and sarcastic songs.

He reveals what fans will see more of as the season heats up. That being said, we will download the video link for them who wants to listen to what Tammy says she’s looking forward to.


#duet and @tabbyrenee #chelcielynn it’s me 😁

♬ original sound – tabbyrenee

It’s often hard to tell if he’s serious or a fool. But as a long time follower 1000-Lb Sisters and Slaton knows, when it arrives Tammy, anything is possible. Since her breakup, reports have it that she has a new man in her life.

It’s a fellow young TikToker named Greg Morgan. It also sounds like things could be strained between the two. He was visiting her in Kentucky and had already met her family.

1000-Lb Sisters: What’s Next for Tammy?

More about Tammy fans are worried to see what his future has in store for him. For now, she says her goal remains to continue her weight loss journey. Once he achieves his goal, he is scheduled for further surgery to remove the loose skin. They also make other ways to lose weight.

He also said that he wants to write a book about his journey. He feels that with all his experiences he can help others. Of course, she also has her TV career to think about.

Meanwhile Part 5 of 1000-Lb Sisters not yet confirmed by the network. There are some things that need to be done to end the contract before you can move forward. Tammy Slaton he says he knows him he still has a long way to go. But, things are going well, and he’s ready to enjoy every minute of what’s to come, starting with summer.

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