2023 Strongman Champions League Serbia Results – Gavin Bilton Winner

Bilton made a public appearance in Serbia.

Gavin Bilton is the winner of the 2023 Strongman Champions League (SCL) Serbia competition. The tournament took place on May 20, 2023, in Zrenjanin, Serbia. According to his website at Strongman Archivesthe victory is the Welsh strongman’s first since winning the UK’s Strongest Man (UKSM) 2021 competition. Although he is a regular at major strength competitions, this SCL Serbia victory marks almost two years since Bilton stood on top of the podium. It is also Bilton’s first success outside the United Kingdom.

Joining Bilton on the 2023 SCL Serbia podium were Turkey’s Fatih Karaca (second place) and Netherlands’ Kelvin de Ruiter (third place). On his own Strongman Archives page, this SCL Serbia final The result is the best of Karaca’s young career at the age of 28. Meanwhile, de Ruiter is a seasoned player, having played 33 international competitions in his entire career. The race was de Ruiter’s first since winning the 2022 SCL Romania.

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Here are the final standings from the 2023 SCL Serbia:

2023 Strongman Champions League Serbia | Last Stands

  1. Gavin Bilton – 56 points | 2023 SCL Serbia Champion
  2. Fatih Karaca – 52.5 points
  3. Kevin de Rider – 49 points
  4. Andrea Invernizzi – 46 points
  5. Peter Juhasz – 44.5 points
  6. Evans Arye – 37 points
  7. Nemanja Tasic – 36 points
  8. Damir Stroil – 35.5 points
  9. Jarkko Mehtälä – 34.5 points
  10. Jonathan Cotton – 23 points
  11. Hristo Muskov – 20 points
  12. Andy Black Five points
  13. Ervin Toots — One point

Writing on his Instagram, Bilton praised the spirit of competition and what he was able to achieve in the 2023 SCL Serbia.

“We had a great weekend competing in Serbia against a bunch of runners,” Bilton wrote. “I’m very happy with the win, and a great way to end a difficult show by carrying four people on the Goal. First time for everything. Faith conquers all.”

To date, the highlights of Bilton’s strong career may be his two UKSM titles (2020-2021). Bilton is a four-time competitor (2020-2023) at The Most Powerful Man in the World (WSM) but never made it to the Finals.

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Bilton’s victory in the 2023 SCL Serbia can be seen as the right time to take action for the strongest competition. His run of wins and berths culminates with this victory, and it won’t be Wales’ last.

Featured image: @gavin_the_bull_bilton on Instagram

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