3 Ways to Change Messages on WhatsApp

If you do it often errors and typos in your conversations, you are enjoying the new WhatsApp Edit Message feature. With this new feature, you can finally change sent WhatsApp messages in less than fifteen minutes. That said, let’s take a closer look at the steps and steps to accomplish this in detail. In addition, you can learn how to use one WhatsApp account on four different phones partner mode.

What is ‘Edit Message’ on WhatsApp?

As the name suggests, the newly introduced feature allows you to edit messages sent on WhatsApp. However, it is only available for a short time after you send a new message. His main points and this:

  • WhatsApp users can edit the message internally 15 minutes about shipping.
  • The modified message will carry ‘It has been updated‘ type but it doesn’t show the change history.
  • It is very useful typographical errors or add additional information for messages sent without deleting them.
  • The current update WhatsApp Beta Testers and soon it will spread all over the world.


If you want to experience WhatsApp’s ‘Edit Message’ feature without waiting for the global release, you need to register your account in the WhatsApp Beta testing program. Follow our guide to Join the WhatsApp Beta Programafter registration, update the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Note: You may face registration problem in WhatsApp beta app for iOS as it is currently closed. So, you have to wait for the global release to update messages on your iOS devices.

How to edit WhatsApp Messages

If you meet the above requirements and get the WhatsApp beta program, you will be able to use the WhatsApp messaging feature on both mobile and PC. Here’s how to do it.

On Android

1. Go to your favorite chats on WhatsApp and long print Message sent to view more options.

2. Click on three dots menu in the upper right corner and press the button Change it perhaps.

3. Then, edit the sent message with the necessary changes and click the button Green tick button to save it.

4. That’s right! You have successfully edited the original message that was sent. The edited message will contain ‘It has been updated‘ write, to distinguish it from other messages in the chat.

On the iPhone

1. Long press the sent message to see more options and click Change it.

2. Make the necessary changes and save them. The modified message will be displayed with ‘It has been updated‘ label.

Manage Your WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

Image: WhatsApp

On Desktop

As with mobile phones, you can edit WhatsApp messages using its web interface. However, if you’re using WhatsApp browsing in the desktop app, you’ll have to wait a while to hear the message update.

1. Go to WhatsApp Web on your computer, add an existing chat, and click the button arrow symbol next to the sent message.

2. From the pop-up click the button Edit Message perhaps.

Manage Your WhatsApp Messages on PC

3. Edit your sent message by clicking the button Green tick button to save the changes.

Manage Your WhatsApp Messages on PC

4. That’s right! You have successfully edited the message you sent using the WhatsApp web.

Manage Your WhatsApp Messages on PC


Q. How to Change WhatsApp Messages on Android?

Long press the message sent within fifteen minutes and click the Edit button. Check out the steps mentioned above for more information.

Q. Can I edit messages on WhatsApp Online?

You can use WhatsApp web to edit messages sent online through your computer. However, messages sent via WhatsApp online cannot be edited on your connected smartphone and vice versa.

Q. Can You Edit WhatsApp Messages Sent by Your Friends?

Unfortunately, you can only edit the messages you have sent to your friends on WhatsApp.

Q. Why can’t I edit WhatsApp messages?

The update is available now for WhatsApp beta testers. To experience it, you need to sign up for the beta program or wait for the global release.

Q. How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages on iPhone?

Currently, you need to enroll in the WhatsApp Beta Tester Program, via Test Flight. Follow the simple steps in this description to change WhatsApp messages on your iPhone.

Q. Can You Edit WhatsApp Messages Once Sent?

Yes, with the new message feature, you can edit a WhatsApp message within 15 minutes of sending it. For more information, see the steps above.

Q. Does WhatsApp Message Update Work in Companion Mode?

Unfortunately, the update message feature does not work on WhatsApp in outdoor mode. There is no information about this in the future.

Q. Does WhatsApp Message Transfer Work on Tower?

Currently, messages sent through one WhatsApp platform cannot be edited on another platform. For example, you cannot edit a WhatsApp message sent via WhatsApp Web on a connected mobile phone and vice versa.


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