’90 Day Fiance’: Debbie Spills Hot Tea

90 Day A friend stars Debbie Aguero then go to all Another way about his players and network. They say they have a lot of inside information. He also claims to have receipts to back up all his claims. As a result, it seems like he’s not afraid to get a lot out in the open.

90 Day Fiance: Another Way – Debbie Aguero Loses Fans’ Respect?

Debbie Aguero is a member of Gabe Paboga popularity has declined starting from 90 Day Fiance: The Tell-All Alternative he started broadcasting. TLC viewers found their stories and personalities interesting and entertaining to begin with.

However, as the season progresses, they say they feel differently. Especially after their appearance on The Tell All.

Debbie Aguero | The cost of TLC

Gabe and Debbie he came out locked and packing a special reunion. Because of this he also had a lot to say. Not only about their relationship but also about their members.

Now he’s being called a bully, and Gabe recently opened up about his fans turning on him on social media.

After the native of Georgia and his son Julian Aguero they blew up before 90th day of loveOussama Berber, 67 years old looked at Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera and the relationships of Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh.

He didn’t feel sorry for himself and wanted the people he played with to know that he was the one who caused the destruction of their relationships. This is Jamie and Rishi.

TLC Officials Call How They Watch?

First, it is 90 Day A friend The star looked at Kris and Jamie. He he went after Colombia native Jamie Noguera hard to call him beast.

He says he feels it if Kris what and the giver and Jamie was the taker of the two. Aguero believes Kris’ side of the story. He also believes that Jamie has been manipulating Kris all along.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Aguero - The Other Way
Debbie Aguero | The cost of TLC

The attack scared Jamie. Aguero claims he has inside information and receipts to prove that Kris Foster is telling the truth about Jamie’s money transfer. They do not reveal where this information comes from, only that it is true. He too angry words for Biography of Jen Boecher Another way dear Rishi Singh.

90 Day Dating: Will Debbie Leave The Network?

Most of them 90th day of love all the onlookers suddenly wondered if he was really as evil and emotional as he appeared. Or if they are being ordered by the network to act in a certain way. A fan asks the TV personality if she and Gabe are being trained to cause trouble.

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Aguero - The Other Way
Debbie Aguero | Instagram

Fans he found his answer interest. In fact, he says it was different. He said: “They had not told me about causing problems.” They even told everyone to do so go Kris was easy because he had an emotional problem. “

Fans are angry with 90th day of love Tell All and Shaun Robinson. They say they didn’t do well in interviewing the actors. Viewers believe he would have pushed Kris Foster harder about details about his breakup with Jeymi Noguera.

This is frustrating for them. Fans feel that Kris should have answered seriously. They feel that it is not fair. As a result, Kris gets off easy.

Because of all this, it seems that Debbie Aguero and Gabe Paboga it was easy than they would do otherwise. Fans are now wondering about some juicy facts about him 90th day of love which Debbie can reveal.

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