’90 Day Fiance’: Rishi Singh’s Mom’s Comments Divide Fans

Rishi Singhhis mother, Shimlahe is making up his mind about Jen Boecher known on 90 Day Fiance: Another option reunion show. Followers disagree on the comments he made.

90 Day Fiance: Rishi Singh’s Mother vs. Marriage

Rishi Singh kept his relationship with Jen Boecher a secret from his mother for almost two years. When Shimla found out, she agreed. But he changed his mind when his son told him that there was a 15-year age difference between them.

The 90 Day Fiance: Another option The member’s mother was against the marriage and did not give her blessing. This broke his heart. He didn’t want it to end his relationship with Jen. But he also knew that he could do nothing to change his mother’s mind.

At last he came into the open Another way losing his mother’s mind about the age gap. They knew it was time to end their relationship and return to America. The two seem to have split up. But it wasn’t long before they met again.

The TLC couple reveals in a special reunion that they reconnected at a mutual friend’s wedding and have been in touch ever since. However, Jen doesn’t think their relationship is back on. But Rishi does.

Rishi Age’s Mother Puts Jen Boecher to Shame

Rishi tells his mother at the reunion showing that he wants to marry Jen. However, Shimla is still not changing her mind. He thinks that their relationship would be better if they were separated for six months or a year.

Rishi Singh The cost of TLC

She thinks the TLC star is “very smart” and has no flaws. The only flaw is his age. He says they can just be friends.

The 90 Day Fiance: Another option celeb wants Rishi to say the least mother that she is planning to start a family with him within the next year and a half. But they suffer. And that doesn’t sit well with the TLC star. He finds it “very disappointing” that he does not tell Shimla that he wants to marry her.

TLC’s Caleb tells his mom that he’s going to marry Jen whether she lets him or not. However, Shimla tells her that she can’t, and she doesn’t agree. So, will he go against his family?

90 Day Fiance: Shimla
Another option | The cost of TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Fans debate on Shimla Reviews

Rishi Singh’s mother comments on Jen Boecher and their abilities marriage divided fans. One person considers himself to be the sole breadwinner, so “he wants to marry someone who is willing to help at home.” Another thought that if he wanted grandchildren, he would want his son to marry someone who could have children. A person also believes that his comments are “part of their culture.”

However, some 90th day of love fans feel that way Another way the allegations about his castmate’s mother had come out. One person believes that Shimla should not get a “licence” because of the culture. Another person feels that if Rishi is okay with Jen’s age and doesn’t have children, his mother should approve of their relationship. One thinks that it is not Shimla “calls whose son marries.” But will he go against his nature?

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