AI Voices Could Soon Read Ads for Spotify Podcasts

Spotify released an AI-powered music discovery tool last February.
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Spotify says it continues to strive to strengthen its platform with artificial intelligence. The company wants to create podcast ads that will be read using an AI version of human speech.

Inside He also reported on the new feature, citing a quote from Bill Simmons, who is the founder and CEO of The Ringer, the sports and pop culture group owned by Spotify. to buy in 2020 the revenue will exceed $196 million. Simmons laughed at the development during a in the near future of his popular show “The Bill Simmons Podcast” in an interview with The Atlantic editor Derek Thompson. Simmons described a workflow that would involve getting someone’s permission to use their profile, then using that person’s voice to create ad credits to insert into a podcast episode.

“I don’t think Spotify is going to be mad at me for this, but we’re making this happen,” Simmons said on the podcast. “There has been a way to use my voice in advertising. Obviously you have to give permission for the voice, but it opens up, from an advertising point of view, such a different opportunity.”

A spokesperson for Spotify told Gizmodo via email that the company has nothing to comment at this time.

Spotify is already knee deep in AI integration on its own tower, so this says new products appearance is not outside the field. In February, Spotify released DJ, voice assistant for AI music which is supposed to feed you the music you love and sing he thinks would you like it, all wrapped up in an actual quote from one of the company’s employees. It is unclear whether Spotify will rely on the same technologybut it shows the company continued interest to use artificial intelligence in various forms.

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