Among them, Donald Trump Jr. He Lost His Father During The Podcast

Donald Trump Jr. apparently he was trying to blame Ron DeSantis but instead he blamed his father.


Trump Jr. said, “Trump has the charisma of a dead man and the power that makes Jeb Bush look like an Olympian. DC rat policies, because we’ve seen the twists.”

Either someone tampered with Don Jr.’s teleprompter, Trump’s son had a Freudian slip, or there is something else going on with Donald Trump Jr.

It could be that DeSantis copied his father so much that even Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr.’s gaffe reveals that Trump’s playbook is mockery and the MadLibs brand now. The names change, but the insults remain the same. Blah, blah low charisma, blah blah, low energy, something, something is a puddle.

It is obvious and old. It is also evident that it is very boring that Donald Trump Jr. he sends and destroys his father without the slightest knowledge of what he is saying.

The expiration date on Trump’s show has passed years ago, but because the Trump family has a mortal threat to the rank and file of the Republican Party, it will not go away.

If some Republicans running for president weren’t cowards, they would be using Donald Trump Jr.’s ideas. for new marketing.

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