Angular users want server-side rendering

Developers work Google’s TypeScript-based Angular web framework see places to improve on server-side rendering, testing, debugging and history, basic functionality, and session logging features, according to Angular Developer Survey 2022.

The results of the survey, which recorded responses from more than 12,000 developers, were published on May 23 by the Angular development team. Among the most important for users is server-side rendering, and the team noted that the developer’s view of hydration – a way to restore the server’s appearance to the client – sent by January 16 at the beginning of this month, and to interact with the workers in providing the edge. A bit of hydration, refactoring, and better integration of Angular Universal and CLI is on the way.

For front-end testing, the Angular development team is replace Karma in Angular CLI with Web Test Runner for cross-browser testing, and add Jest support.. In terms of bug fixes and profiles, a series of updates were posted Angular 15 in November.

As for the weighting process, the team is working on an ergonomic component-level code-splitting API, allowing to explicitly declare the parts of the tree that should be loaded lazily. And when it comes to component style, Angular 16 introduced imperative and self-closing tags. The group is now working to force input and change the flow of the flow.

Elsewhere in the survey, Angular’s user-favorite feature was dependency injection, followed by IDE support and CLI build tools. Overall satisfaction with Angular was more than 82%, while satisfaction with the way Angular’s different parts fit together rose to 89%, up from 85% in 2021. About 70% of developers are using the two new versions of the framework, 9% using Angular 11 or more.

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