Another Worker Katie Hobbs Quits Her Job As Train Supervisor, Becomes Fourth Worker To Quit Since January | The Gateway Pundit

Katie Hobbs Chief of Staff, Allie Bones, has resigned from the Governor’s office, making her the fourth employee to resign in recent months.

No one wants to work for this woman, even if she’s making $200k like Bones.

“His Illegality is growing,” he wrote on the Kari Lake War Room.

Difficulty retaining employees is no stranger to Hobbs. I’m on a mission to rig the 2022 gubernatorial election, Hobbs he says experienced a “massive exodus” of employees who quit because of their inability to create a good work environment.

The exception to this during his presidency is the psychopath who may have been questioned resignation on a tweet glorifying and promoting violence against trans people against Christians after the shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School.

Hobbs’ legal director, Rebecca Beebe, resigned earlier this month, and communications director Murphy Hebert left at the end of March.

Both Hebert and Bones were recruited from the Secretary of State’s office and later ended their relationship with Katie Hobbs.

Local Patriot Anthony DeWitt shared, “I can’t say enough about how big this is. She was Katie Hobbs’ right hand for years as an SOS.”

AZ Central reports,

Chief of staff to Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, Allie Bones, resigned with immediate effect Thursday, a statement from the Governor’s Office said.

Bones is the fourth of Hobbs’ top advisers to leave the administration in the first six months, adding to the high level of instability in the administration. Hobbs wished Bones, who had known him for years, “nothing but the best.”

Throughout, Mr. Hobbs struggled with conflicts between the interests of the campaign staff that helped him get elected and the staff in the Governor’s Office, many of whom had little experience in public service.

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