Apple iPad (2022) vs iPad (2021): Which to buy?

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    Apple iPad (2022)

    Our top pick

    The Apple iPad (10th generation) is a great tablet. It doesn’t have all the features and power of some of Apple’s flagship models, but it does offer improved features, better visuals and more power for many tasks. It’s a good mix of features and value for money.


    • Excellent design
    • A solid performance
    • Better battery life with USB-C charging

    • No Apple Pencil (2nd gen) compatible
    • No anti-reflective display
    • No Stage Manager support

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    Apple / Pocket-lint

    Apple iPad (2021)

    A great price

    The Apple iPad (9th generation, 2021) is the best tablet for those who just want something that allows them to browse the Internet, watch streaming services, and do other things from time to time – like connecting a keyboard via the Smart Connector on the go other. work – instead of trying to be the most beautiful thing.


    • Strong design
    • Apple Pencil (1st Gen) support
    • Smart Connector for keyboards

    • The design is a little dated now
    • There is no touch-wake screen
    • They still use the lightning connector


Apple’s iPad (10th generation) it arrived in October 2022 and it sees a design upgrade, a processor upgrade and also makes a decent change to the front camera. This comes with a price, making it more expensive than its predecessor, the iPad (9th generation).

With the iPad (9th generation) remaining in the History of the iPad as an entry level iPad (10th generation) going between the 9th gen and iPad Air (2022), which iPad should you buy? We have explained in detail How the iPad (10th generation) compares to the iPad Air (2022) in another section, but here we are looking at how the iPad (10th generation) compares to the cheaper, but older, iPad (9th generation).

Description, price, availability

Let’s start talking about the price. The iPad (10th generation) starts at $449 in the US and £499 in the UK. This is for the 64GB, Wi-Fi only version. The iPad (9th generation) currently, it starts $329 in the US and £369 in the UK. Again, that’s the 64GB, Wi-Fi only version. It is therefore much cheaper than the iPad (10th generation). Both are available through Apple, as well as various other retailers.

The Apple iPad (10th generation, 2022) comes in several color options, while the iPad (9th generation, 2021) only comes in Silver and Space Gray. You can see the details of both tablets below, and I’ll give you a quick overview of how they compare, although remember that numbers aren’t everything – as we’re getting a little deeper into this area – so keep that in mind. when you are making your decision.

  • Apple iPad (2022) Apple iPad (2021)
    Storage 64/256GB 64/256GB
    CPU Apple A14 Bionic A13 Bionic
    Operating system iPadOS 16 iPadOS
    Battery Up to 10 hours Up to 10 hours
    Ports USB-C Lightning
    Camera (Back, Front) 12MP f/1.8 rear, 12MP f/2.4 front camera 8MP rear, 12MP f/2.4 front
    Display (Size, resolution) 10.9-inch Liquid Retina, 2360 x 1640 pixels, 264ppi, 500nits 10.2-inch Retina, 2160 x 1620 pixels, 264ppi, True Tone
    Price From $449 / £499 From $329/£369
    Measurements 248.6 x 179.5 x 7mm, 477g 250.6 x 174.1 x 7.5mm, 487g
    Species Yellow, Blue, Pink and Silver Space Gray, Silver


Apple iPad (10th gen, 2022) review: Very nice picture 1


The Apple iPad (10th gen) steals its design from the iPad Air, so it looks completely different iPad (9th generation) and offers a very modern design. The iPad (10th gen) has rounded edges and uniform bezels around the display. It also moves the Touch ID home button from the bottom of the display to the power button on the top edge, giving the display more space within a foot while reducing the biggest bezels we’ve seen. iPads for years.

On the back of the iPad (10th generation), there is a single camera lens, although it is larger than the iPad (9th generation). The iPad (9th generation) has a very small lens on the left side of its back and the edges are rounded – a design that some may prefer. It also has large bezels around the screen and Touch ID The home button sits below the display, as mentioned. It’s a modern design, but the wider bezels can be useful when holding the tablet to watch videos for example, giving you somewhere to put your fingers away from the screen. Both models have the Smart Connector on the left side, but the iPad (10th generation) is smaller, shorter and lighter than the iPad (9th generation) overall, and slightly larger.

Show it

Apple iPad (10th gen, 2022) review: The most beautiful image 9

The Apple iPad (10th generation) has a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display that offers a resolution of 2360 x 1640, resulting in a pixel density of 264ppi. It is a beautiful display in use and it is not as good as iPad Air (2022)it offers the best viewing experience with vibrant colors and good viewing angles.

The iPad (9th generation) has a small 10.2-inch Retina display, with a resolution of 2160 x 1620 pixels. This also results in a pixel density of 264ppi and, there is a good display. As you may notice, the 10th model has a 0.7-inch larger display than the 9th model in the same generations so you get more screen without having a bigger body, as we briefly explained above.

Both for iPad (10th generation) and iPad (9th generation). Apple True Tone technology, 500nits of brightness and anti-fingerprint coating. No more bright screens or anti-glare coatings, which the iPad Air offers and all of these make a difference.

Hardware and specs

Apple iPad (10th gen, 2022) review: The most beautiful image 17


The Apple iPad (10th generation) runs on the A14 Bionic chip, while the iPad (9th generation) runs on the A13 Bionic chip so you get a performance upgrade with the new model. It may not be as obvious as the M1 chip on the iPad Air – or the M2 chip on Latest iPad Prosbut the iPad (10th generation) is much faster than its predecessor.

Both the iPad (10th generation) and iPad (9th generation) are offered in 64GB and 256GB storage options though and both promise up to 10 hours of battery life for browsing or watching a video.

The iPad (10th generation) switches to USB-C for charging though, while the iPad (9th generation) has Lightning. Both are compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil, although you will need an adapter to charge the Apple Pencil and iPad (10th generation) as the Pencil uses Lightning to charge.

Along with the processor upgrade and the switch to USB-C, the iPad (10th generation) also upgrades the rear camera from the 8-megapixel snapper found on the 9th gen model to a 12-megapixel sensor, which can record 4K video.

There is also a difference in the front camera. Both the Type 10 and Type 9 have a 12-megapixel sensor with f/2.4 aperture as well as the company’s. Center Stage work, although the 10th gen model moves the front camera to a more prominent position on the right edge, while the 9th gen model has it at the top of the display like the rest of the models. The display is better for playing videos so if you want to do more with your iPad, the 10th model is the better option.

Elsewhere, the iPad 10 offers Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), while the iPad (9th gen) has Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac). iPad (10th gen) too 5G compatible of Wi-Fi & Cellular model, while iPad (9th gen) is 4G.


Apple iPad (10th gen, 2022) review: The most beautiful image 25


The Apple iPad (10th generation) is compatible with iPadOS 16, as is the iPad (9th generation) so the two models offer very similar features.

Neither did he Stage Manager, although there are many features that come with iPadOS 16 that make both tablets better. You can read all about iPadOS 16 in our separate section to find out all there is, or go to our tips and tricks to discover all that the iPad can do.

In short, although there are differences in performance and design between the two models, the functionality is very similar in any model you choose.

iPad (10th gen, 2022) vs iPad (9th gen, 2021): Which should you buy?

Apple iPad (10th generation) makes some nice changes compared to the iPad (9th generation) – the design being very important. Moving on to the design of the iPad Air sees the 10th generation offer a larger display very similar to the 9th gen model, in a refresh that has been long overdue.

There’s also a processor upgrade, a switch to USB-C, a better front-facing camera and a wider range of options.

Apple iPad 10th Gen - Tag

Apple iPad (2022)

Our top pick

The iPad (10th generation) is a great combination of features and value for money, and with its superior design, we expect it to be the iPad for the masses.

You pay for the upgrade although we think the iPad (10th generation) is great, with the same features, it may be that the 9th generation is more attractive due to its lower price.

Apple iPad 9th Gen - Tag

Apple iPad (2021)

A good way

The iPad (9th generation, 2021) is one of those who just want a tablet that allows them to browse the Internet, watch commercials, and do other things from time to time, instead of trying to be something beautiful. It still has its place.

There’s an argument to consider the iPad Air (2022) over the iPad (10th gen) if you have a budget and want more power, and there’s a strong argument to choose the 9th generation if you want to save money. That said, the iPad (10th gen) is an excellent mid-range model that will meet most needs for a beautiful design that matches its more expensive siblings and a solid upgrade over the 9th generation.

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