Aroldis Chapman Is Back To His Vintage Ways

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The Kansas City Royals It is not a team that is expected to be in the news.

They are rebuilding their roster and trying to be competitive in the future.

But one player who could be traded in the coming months is reliever Aroldis Chapman.

The former New York Yankees ace appears to be back to his old ways.

He has been known to be able to throw the ball with great speed.

This has been the case this season as well.

According to Codify, Chapman has 25 fastballs in the zone thrown by lefties this season.

Coming out of the Royals bullpen doesn’t require a lot of fancy stuff.

That’s why he looks like a great bargain when the trade deadline comes around.

Chapman has thrown 18.2 innings this season.

He has 31 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.89.

Also, he has a top nine rating of 14.9.

After struggling last year with the Yankees, Chapman appears to have found his way back to Kansas City.

It will be interesting to see how much interest the rest of the team has as the trade deadline approaches.

Every season teams look to upgrade their bullpen and this year will be no different.

Chapman is 35 years old, and he wants to be part of a team that can win now.

The seven-time All-Star can take the closer role.

He didn’t do much with the Royals this year, but he got his life’s worth early in his career.

Watch how much attention it gets in the stock market over the next few months.

Video Shows An Unhittable Aroldis Chapman Pitch

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