Batman Is A Good Friend

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MeIf you were given the chance to bring back the ones you love, would you risk it all? DC heroes Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) will investigate the effects of well-intentioned periods as well space intervention in The Flashwhich just dropped his the last carriage. (Like previously watched the film, Fighters more.)

DC S imagefilm studios are managed to be a hero summer event, when shaking up the DCEU as we know it. The new trailer is bwritten by two Batmenstarting with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne warning Barry about the dangers Going back to save not only his mother but, as Barry suggests, dear Martha and Thomas Wayne too. When and Flash complete breakdown his world, we see Bible where General Zod (Michael Shannon) has returned to rule the world. The only person Barry can fight against enough heroes is the retired Bruce Wayne, who we know as t.he Batman starring Michael Keaton.

Watch the trailer to find out more about the Batmenincluding several Barry’s and The Kryptonians too!


The family in the front brings a serious blow in the future. With Superman out, Supergirl (Sasha Calle) enters to his cousin to protect the world from Kryptonian destruction. The situation seems to be as disturbing as the conflict between Barry and Bruce, but we are many waiting for the preview DC is in the future-and if the film offers to be a The end of what WB’s comic book franchise means to fans as the studio builds to the new creation.

The Flash opens June 16 in theaters.

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