Belgian unions are showing Brussels their demand for better worker protection

Around 20,000 workers in the Belgian trade union staged mass protests against what they saw as worsening working conditions and the violation of their right to strike.

People carry balloons and placards as they march during a protest in Brussels, Monday, May 22, 2023. Belgian labor unions are holding a mass demonstration on Monday to protest what they see as increasing working conditions and the erosion of their right to strike. The action has already brought the subway and other vehicles to a standstill in Brussels. The sign reads, ‘Today Delhaize, Tomorrow is possible is you’. (AP Photo/Sylvain Plazy)

The Associated Press

BRUSSELS — Around 20,000 members of Belgian trade unions protested on Monday against what they see as increasing working conditions and the erosion of their right to strike. Actions by transport workers stopped the subway and other vehicles in Brussels for most of the afternoon.

Trade unions are frustrated by companies that want to impose new contracts on workers that affect their human rights, affect their working conditions and cut their wages. They are protesting in detail the Delhaize store’s decision to change store management, directly cutting costs and workers’ rights.

Police officials say there were 18,000 people walking in the city.

“We don’t need high-quality workers. We want respect and equal rights for all,” the socialist ABVV said in a statement.

The unions are also challenging labor-management measures to prevent strikes through the courts to block industrial estates, among other things.

“Protecting our freedom of association and association is being made impossible,” ABVV said.

Apart from the crowd transportationa day of protest can cover everything from daycare centers to trash collection.

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