Biden Destroys Ron DeSantis In New Video

President Biden blasted Ron DeSantis with a 16-second video that aired on him shortly after launching the Republican presidential campaign.

Biden’s account wrote:

When DeSantis faced what was said to be a surprise on his first day as a presidential candidate, President Biden’s campaign team singled out DeSantis and took seconds to call him an extremist who wants to get rid of people. women’s rights, cutting Social Security and Medicare, and he mocked the poor performance of his presidential campaign on Twitter.

The race between Trump and DeSantis is a battle between do not shake and unprepared. Biden can sit back and watch the show as he describes all his opponents as extremists in the United States of America.

DeSantis introduced Trump to talk about his secrets because bosses at Fox liked the Florida governor over the former president, while at the same time, DeSantis’ campaign was a laughing stock on day one.

President Biden’s team is already in the polls. If Mr. Trump ends up in prison and Republicans have to nominate Mr. DeSantis, things could be very bad for the Republican Party.

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