Biden’s Border Crisis Is Not an Accident, or a Failure. It’s intentional.

By Deroy Murdock of The Daily Signal

President Joe Biden became President primarily by promising to Make America Normal Again.

The shambolic US-Mexico “border” proves how Biden broke the promise. There is nothing about the disaster of the coast and the coast that they control, especially because of its depth unusual definition of border security.

Under Biden, a south “border” it has become a large, open arena where illegal aliens undermine US integrity and national sovereignty.

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US Border Patrol agents was captured 1,671,266 illegal aliens in the last 27 months of President Donald Trump. In Mr. Biden’s first 27 months, he encountered more than 5,249,144 illegal immigrants which is a skin-crawling 314%.

In the fiscal year 2020, the last one that Trump completely controlled, 69,000 immigrants were found “at the border” but. he left in central America. In fiscal year 2022 (all on Biden’s watch), “earners” reached 599,000 — a 768% increase over fiscal year 2020.

Federal agents killed an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan on May 10 in Otay Mesa, California, near San Diego. His fingers confirmed his position on the criminals.

This fanatic is not alone. Those arrested on the list of criminals arrested “at the border” exploded from three in 2020, when Trump is in full control, to 15 in the year 2021, 98 in the fiscal year 2022, and 85 until April – the middle of the year 2023. And these are the ones who were arrested. Aside from the 183 suspected criminals arrested on Biden’s watch, how many are walking the streets of America today? Who knows?

As if the US is looking for homeless people, illegal aliens who are brought into America now block the roads and streets of El Paso, Texas, and other cities.

Even more illegal aliens are getting court dates to try the security case in 2026, 2027, and beyond. What will he do until then? Who knows?

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Free bus rides bring illegal aliens to Chicago, where some sleep under local police. A plan to house 250 to 500 illegal immigrants at the abandoned South Shore High School has angered many black residents.

“Give them back!” some shouted at a public meeting about this issue. One protester’s sign read: “Build the 2024 Wall.”

“We don’t have jobs in our community, and we’ve been fighting for jobs for years,” resident Natasha Dunn told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Please tell me, how is it fair?”

Instead of instructing the illegal aliens on the incoming buses to return to the southern “border” and swim, New York Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, tried them in a public school gymnasium. Parents exploded, and Adams backed down.

Regardless, they still carry illegal aliens into luxury hotel rooms costing taxpayers nearly $8,000 a month—some. $258 per night. Cost for guests: $0.00. The iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan is becoming an illegal lodging facility.

About 50% of hotel rooms they are taken in by refugees [sic] we are paying,” said Adams. “So, instead of revenue coming from the people who visit us and using tourism, in our Broadway shows, instead of using the hotels, we’re using the hotels.”

“New York’s combined local hotel tax is 14.75%,” he says. Federation for American Immigration ReformIra Mehlman saw it. “So, not only is the city paying to house immigrants, it’s losing a lot of money in hotel taxes.”

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These are just a few views of the chaos going down from there Biden’s “borders” are closed. Worst of all, this is no accident, or failure. Meanwhile, Biden’s proposed policies will remove 9.3 million illegal aliens from America by the time his term ends.

Biden and his friends are betting that these illegal aliens are the Future Democrats of America who will be very grateful to have them. they are allowed to attack the USA that he will vote Democratic, turn the GOP Democratic, turn the White House into the secret seat of the Democrat National Committee, and destroying America into a neo-Marxist, one-party state.

Mr. Biden and the Democrats must end up under the national scorn that was not unusual.

Included is permission from The Daily Signal.

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