‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Hope Plot Twists – Forget about Liam & Thomas

Brave is Beautiful spoilers say Hope LoganThe journey never ends Liam Spencer or even Thomas Forrester on this CBS soap. B&B also hinted there could be trouble on the way for Logan’s daughter.

In the coming episodes, she finds herself frustrated and torn between her husband and her stepbrother. Where she turns for help may lead her down a different path and away from Liam and Thomas.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Logan Was Torn Between Liam Spencer and Thomas Forrester

Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and these distractions A few days after Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) heard the cruel things he said about her. This week he is trying to help her. But the extra care he gives him is apparently unavoidable. Putting him in very hot water.

B&B: Liam Spencer, Hope Logan, Thomas Forrester | CBS

Right now Brave is Beautiful Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) filled with self-confidence he can trust his wife. Hope doesn’t know the way in and Thomas doesn’t know what’s going on. Although, viewers start to notice that they are catching on slowly as this week’s episodes air.

So, one of the first signs of another player in this mess came from Monday B&B part. Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brookes) asked Liam to punch Thomas in the face for him. So, it sounds like Brave is Beautiful it might put Wyatt out in the cold that a story is about to happen.

B&B Spoilers: Hope Had Her Crying Days

Old fans of Brave is Beautiful Remember the days when Hope Logan messed up between Liam Spencer and Wyatt Spencer. Like Liam who is the bond between two sisters, Hope they had the same color about things going on with the two brothers.

She was also married to Wyatt when Liam left her standing at the altar one time Brave is Beautiful. So, for Wyatt, it seems like he still cares about Hope, but that’s it it can be understood better as the episodes unfold.

This is it the confusion continues I hope Logan, he has no one to talk to. Liam confronts her this week when he realizes that Thomas isn’t just looking at his wife, he’s in love with her.

Then there’s Tomas, but he’s the one thing she’s longing for, so bringing the problem to her doesn’t sound like a good idea. Even the new one B&B Thoughts came out recently that send Hope to Wyatt so that someone can talk to her as her life is about to be destroyed.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Not Thomas, Not Liam, But Wyatt Spencer?

Until now B&B this year, Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) has shown several times how lending a shoulder to cry on turns into more. This is how her last two romances started on the soap.

So, maybe Brave is Beautiful it’s on a roll here. Wyatt is like Hope’s comfortable slippers. He could be the shoulder that Liam needs to talk to about his problems – Thomas.

Brave is Beautiful he has Hope brother-in-law to find facing family problems. He listens to Liam over and over as he taunts Thomas Forrester. It seems that he is holding a grudge against what Tomasi has done.

So, although it’s less likely, maybe Hope Logan finds comfort away from Liam Spencer and Thomas Forrester and her brother-in-law. Strange things have happened on the CBS soap.

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