CNN Segment Focuses On Trump, He May Have To ‘Pause Himself’ From Prison

CNN anchor Erin Burnett and Donald Trump’s former lawyer spent some time speculating about the former president being forced to pardon himself in prison.

Ty Cobb, a well-known former member of the Trump Administration’s legal team, has been outspoken about his opinion of the Republican candidate going to prison based on the Justice Department’s investigation into his possession of classified documents after he left office.

Burnett pressed him to find out what the future holds, especially if Trump wins the election.

“What happens, if this case doesn’t end before the general election, Trump wins?” Burnett asked. “Does he just forgive himself and everything goes away?”

“Well, it’s all odd – that’s a possibility,” Cobb replied. “Sadly, no one knows. This has never happened before.”

Cobb discussed the issue of Trump pardoning himself, which he believes is illegal but acknowledged that there are other legal opinions that disagree.

“The timing is, if there’s a verdict in the federal case … you’d think that would be important in the election.”

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CNN Discusses Trump’s Possibility of Pardoning Himself From Prison

As the conversation went on and on, that’s why it’s difficult for CNN to try to portray itself as unpopular with CEO Chris Licht.

Cobb they discussed what could happen if Trump’s case ends, he will be tried and convicted, and all of this happens before the election.

He said: “He does not have the power to forgive himself until he is established.” “So, if there is a decision, say, before the election in November, decisions can be made before he takes office.”

During the interview, you can see Burnett is excited about the prospect, mouth slightly open, eyebrows raised, head shaking in disbelief.

“And he should go to jail,” Cobb added. “So he’s (excusing himself) apparently in prison.”

Burnett called the news “really good” but said, “It’s the reality we can see.”

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Can Trump Pardon Himself?

Congressman Matt Gaetz, following the 2020 presidential election and transition to the Biden White House, advised Trump pardoning himself and his senior members of his administration before departing.

In retrospect, he should have followed Gaetz’s advice.

Trump insisted that a pardon would not be necessary because he “didn’t do anything wrong.”

Pardons have been a hotly debated topic in the Trump era.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley has argued that as President, he had the right to do so. Or they will they have rights if they are re-elected.

“There is no language to define who can be forgiven or not,” he wrote in a USA Today paragraph. “The president is only given the power to pardon any crime in the government.”

“As a matter of record, there is nothing to prevent Trump from adding his name to the list of people who have been pardoned.”

Interestingly, amnesty even in such cases may apply to federal law; it does not involve civil, state, or local litigation.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced the former president’s indictment earlier this year.

Trump has been impeached 34 number of falsifying business records in the first degree, a low crime in New York State but with the potential for 4 years in prison each sentence.

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