Democrats Challenge Republicans to Put Their Thoughts and Prayers on Guns

Guns are now the leading cause of death for young people in America, the “land of the free.”

On the first anniversary of the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) criticized the inaction of the Republican Party, saying that the bloodshed is an election, and asked her colleagues to “have mercy on this country” by turning thoughts and prayers become actions and solutions.

“One year later, I woke up sad. I mourn for the souls taken from their families in Buffalo. I mourn the children and teachers who were killed in Uvalde. “I mourn the thousands of Americans who have been shot to death this year,” Clark said after mentioning other terrorist attacks, including the white-collar terrorist attack in Buffalo, New York.

Clark detailed several stories of a handful of American casualties whose lives were cut short by “weapons of war,” in an attempt to create humanity.

Clark criticized the inaction of the majority party, “Mr. Speaker, this bloodshed is a choice. To my friends, have mercy on this country. If you care about public safety, let’s vote to take firearms out of the hands of the innocent.

“Let’s turn our thoughts and prayers into actions and answers.” If you really care, let’s solve this daily problem.”

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Sometimes, it’s the appeal of people and values ​​that resonates more than statistics and even sad facts. We have tried everything else. Nothing seems to move Republicans from their belief that guns should have more rights than children, more than women, more than people.

The generation of school shootings has led the way against the establishment of the Republican Party on guns. March For Our Lives writes, “In 2022, Gen-Z voted on the oldest bills to protect our future. March For Our Lives held 450 marches around the world, resulting in 20+ new federal laws to end gun violence, as well as Bipartisan legislation The Safer Communities Act, the first federal law on guns in 30 years. That should be the job of the lawmakers that the people pay to “represent” them.

Focusing on the immorality of refusing to act meaningfully on unlimited access to weapons is a powerful tool because it reaches people who are not “political”. It can move to call for elections.

Republicans have always understood the power of emotion and moral persuasion in moving public opinion, perhaps Democrats are catching on. But in this case, public opinion is already on the side of the Democrats and it is actually political corruption through groups and other means that has made the NRA successful on the platform of Republican legislation.

A country that allows its children to be killed and tortured while they are in education is not a good democracy. This is a call to action for all citizens who want to protect our children.

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