DOJ Signs May Lose Trump In E. Jean Carroll Suit

In a new letter, the DOJ argues that E. Jean Carroll’s amended complaint shows she needs to represent Trump.

In a letter to the judge, the DOJ wrote:

The Attorney General’s determination as to whether he can prove that a public servant is acting in accordance with his office or duties is based on the complaints filed. Therefore, determining which claim is applicable can have a certification effect. You see
Reedus v. McDonough, Case No. 1:21-cv-357, 2023 WL 1778410 at *1–*2 (ND Ind. Feb. 6, 2023) (β€œAn amended complaint serves as a substitute for the original complaint and the case proceeds only on the allegations of the amended complaint … Therefore, when Plaintiff filed his amended complaint, that became the governing document in the case. . .it was affirmed.”).

Law professor Jen Taub explained:

When E. Jean Carroll amended her complaint to include the derogatory remarks Trump made at his recent CNN hall of fame, it opened the door for the DOJ to withdraw from Trump’s representation, because the issue did not arise when Trump was elected. the first to criticize Carroll while acting as President.

As a former president, Trump does not have an official position, so he is not immune, so the question of whether his statements were protected as a public servant is irrelevant, but the case now includes what Trump said after he left office.

Donald Trump gave Attorney General Garland the escape route he may have been looking for since William Barr arrested him to represent Trump.

Trump’s CNN town hall did not make history. Thenit destroyed CNN viewers. The town hall found Trumwas also criticized by Carroll, and Trump may lose his attorney general.

Legal risks just keep coming for Donald Trump.

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