Fans Hear Stephen A. Smith’s Message To Kyrie Irving

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Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented players NBA history.

But even on the court, some of his past actions have made him an enemy on NBA television.

Interestingly, he has entered into a never-ending feud with Stephen A. Smith, and both of them shoot each other repeatedly.

That’s why Kyrie seems to want to end the situation by letting Smith know he doesn’t want him talking about him at all, plain and simple.

Smith responded by telling him to stop playing basketball, because he’s going to talk about hoops and he’s a basketball player.

Needless to say, NBA fans had a lot to say about this, many of them calling for Smith to make himself known.

Smith says he only talks about Kyrie Irving for his presence at the Los Angeles Lakers, adding that Irving’s free agency could change the dynamic in the league and praising him as a smart, good person and a great ball player. a football player.

Irving has been the talk of the town many times around NBA arenas, and he has done nothing to stop it, often in the face of controversy.

However, Smith has a long history of controversy, and has publicly admitted that he had issues with Kyrie and his father in the past, so fans may not want to hear him talk about Kyrie after all he’s been through. over the past few years.

Stephen A. Smith Responds to Kyrie Irving’s Comments About Free Agency

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