For the First Time, Ibai’s Twitch Boxing Game Is Shown in English

Twitch’s biggest event of the year, Evening of the Third Yearor “Night of the Third Year,” the annual streamer vs. streamer boxing match produced by the megastar The Llanos Riverit will be presented in English for the first time.

Llanos, a Spanish-language developer that is one of the platform’s biggest presenters in any language, announced the news late Thursday. Now in its third year, Velada is only offered in Spanish on Llanos’ Twitch channel. However, considering that one of the biggest battles of the event is held by a US streamer and Twitch hot tub queen Amouranthwho will fight the Spanish river Mayichi, Llanos has been trying to get more information about the event to English speakers.

To date, Llanos’ efforts have mostly involved interviewing Twitch streamers lazywho speaks Spanish and English and is also fighting for the event, to act as a translator for the rivers Velada and Amouranth.

“La Velada del Año will be broadcast in English,” Llano said in Spanish on Thursday. “There will be top English commentators commenting on the event from the box office of the Metropolitan. [soccer stadium]. In addition, Twitch has found a way to count viewers for the English stream up to the amount of our Spanish stream. “

It is not yet known who will respond to Velada, whether it will be professional boxers or presenters. Prior to Veladas, Llanos provided commentary for the event along with Spanish boxers and other presenters. Llanos said that he and his team are considering several options and also mentioned that US people, such as Sapnap, Dream, and Karl Jacobs, were involved in the event.

Last year’s Velada broke the world record for concurrent viewers on Twitch. The event had a peak viewership of 3.3 million viewers and an average of 2.5 million viewers overall, according to River Chartsmotion analysis function.

Gizmodo contacted Twitch for comment on the decision Friday morning but did not immediately receive a response. Although Llanos broadcasts Velada on Twitch, the event is run exclusively by his team from end to end.

There are five fights confirmed for Velada. Originally, six were planned, but Llanos said that YouTuber Viruzz pulled out Thursday with an eye injury during his Misfits Boxing bout against DK Money. at the beginning of this month. All those involved have been training with professional boxers for months to prepare for Velada.

The fights are:

  • Ampere vs. PapiGavi
  • Samy Rivera, Rivers vs. Marina Rivers (LaRivers)
  • Coscu vs. German Garmendia
  • Fernandinfloo vs. lazy
  • Amouranth vs. Maichi

In addition, the event will feature music by some of the world’s top Spanish speakers, including Ozeuna, Quevedo, Feid, Mar.ia Becerra, Estopa, and Rosario Flores.

Nazar Babenko, head of marketing at Streams Charts, told Gizmodo in an email that offering Velada in another language was a logical step if Llanos and his team wanted to improve its viewing figures from last year. Babenko also said that this was an opportunity for English speakers to see for themselves what Spanish speakers were doing, which American Twitch streamers noted was “very different.”

However, making Velada accessible also increases the pressure.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Babenko said. “In one month, all the world’s attention will be affected by this event. Will it be able to surpass last year’s figures? And if not, does it mean that the traffic is decreasing? We must think correctly because it is not just the spectacle that speaks of the success of the tower.”

Evening of the Third Year will take place on July 1 in Madrid, Spain in front of 60,000 people at the Metropolitan Stadium, home of the Atlético de Madrid soccer team. It will it was streamed for free on Twitch on the Llanos channel in Spanish and English at a time to be announced.

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