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GitLab CI/CD is an automated DevOps tool that helps developers to build, test, and deploy code, while improving productivity, security, and quality during software development.

In this review, we’ll break down GitLab CI/CD in terms of features, pricing, pros, and cons to help you determine if it’s the right tool for your development needs. And, to give you options when shopping, we’ll also reveal some of the best GitLab CI/CD options.

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An overview of GitLab CI/CD

GitLab started in 2011 as an open source project to help a community of developers collaborate. Since then, it has grown into a complete DevSecOps platform with over 30 million users that helps developers deliver secure and compliant software quickly and efficiently.

GitLab CI/CD falls under the larger GitLab umbrella and is one of the most advanced features of the DevSecOps platform that was added years after the company was founded.

GitLab CI/CD interface

GitLab CI/CD has several features to help developers build their software. Here are some of the key CI/CD tools you can use to keep your SDLC scalable and repeatable without the need for manual input:

  • Auto DevOps.
  • ChatOps.
  • Browser performance testing.
  • Product performance.
  • Link to external databases.
  • Interactive web terminals.
  • Review the software.
  • Unit test reports.
  • Docker tools.
  • Flag.
  • What quality.
  • Pursuing permission.
  • Derivative analysis.
  • Dependent analysis.
  • Safety test reports.

Auto DevOps is GitLab’s collection of prepackaged products and integrations that are integrated to facilitate the delivery of software. This section identifies your programming language. Then, it creates and runs a default pipeline through a CI/CD template to help you build and test your application. From there, you can change deployments to move from production to production and change Review the Software to see changes in each branch.

GitLab Auto DevOps feature.
GitLab Auto DevOps

ChatOps allows developers to communicate with CI/CD projects via Slack and similar chats. I am ChatOpsdevelopers can manage CI/CD tasks, view tasks, interact with team members, and more in one place.

GitLab CI/CD has browser testing and performance testing. The former can help developers to see how pending code changes will affect browser performance, while the latter can show how code changes will affect server performance.

There is no need to move your entire project to GitLab. Connect to an external repository like GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, and more, and you can enjoy the benefits of GitLab CI/CD without the hassle. The interface of the CI/CD tool is extended with interactive web terminals that you can open to terminate running tasks, including Review the Softwarea utility that provides an environment for previewing code changes.

GitLab CI/CD has unit test reports that highlight test failures in merge requests. It allows you to run CI/CD operations in dedicated Docker containers and has flags to reduce risk when deploying new production tools in small batches. His What Quality The feature analyzes code quality and complexity to simplify code and reduce maintenance, and its own License Compliance Part looks at what depends on the project on their certifications.

GitLabs Code Quality feature.
GitLabs Code Quality

Release GitLab CI/CD features and analysis and dependencies that look for known vulnerabilities and security test reports that investigate problems such as data leaks, DoS attacks, and unauthorized access.

GitLab CI/CD prices

GitLab has three pricing tiers that developers can choose from. It also has a 30-day free trial for its premium offering – the Conclusion plan – no credit card required. It is worth noting that GitLab is a DevSecOps platform. GitLab’s CI/CD tool does just one part of a larger project, and it can’t be done until you log in Important plan for high CI/CD performance to be achieved.

Here are the pricing sections for GitLab:

  • Free: There is no cost to having fewer items.
  • Requirements: $24 per user, per month. They pay an annual fee of $285.36.
  • Conclusion: $99 per user, per month. They pay an annual fee of $1,188.

GitLab images For free The plan offers all the necessary features for every developer, such as five users per site, 5GB of storage, 10GB of data transfer per month, and 400 monthly compute units.

GitLab Important and for development teams who want to improve team cohesion and productivity. It provides advanced CI/CD through external dashboards, including train stations, external repo CI/CD, and a pipeline dashboard. Another GitLab Important features include Enterprise Agile planning, code recommendations, 50 GB storage, 100 GB monthly transfers, and 10,000 monthly compute units.

GitLab Conclusion they provide a complete system of organization, compliance, and security. Pay $99 per user, per month, and you can get 250 GB of storage, 500GB of transfer per month, 50,000 monthly compute units, risk management, device analysis, regular software security testing, and more.

All plans, inclusive For free, allowing you to bring your own GitLab CI runners. You can learn more about GitLab pricing here.

Benefits of GitLab CI/CD

GitLab CI/CD has several advantages that make it an attractive choice for developers looking for an automation tool to improve productivity and efficiency:

  • Flexibility.
  • Security.
  • What quality.
  • Easy to use.

The main advantage of GitLab CI/CD is its flexibility. The CI/CD tool works with all standard languages ​​and frameworks and can be customized to fit the unique needs of your development team. GitLab CI/CD is also secure thanks to its container and dependency interface, security test reports, and more.

Developers’ code can progress with GitLab CI/CD as well. The What Quality Features ensure that your code is as concise, readable, and uneditable as possible, and this tool helps coders work through issues and problems before moving to production. And, while GitLab CI/CD has a lot of features, the most important thing is that the tool is easy to use.

Disadvantages of GitLab CI/CD

Despite its features and advantages, GitLab has several drawbacks that should be mentioned:

  • Lazy look.
  • Scalability.
  • Difficulty is a big task.
  • Price.

Where does GitLab CI/CD need to change? Some say that the look, even if it’s natural, can sometimes look lazy. Scaling can be difficult for development teams with large projects, and although it is easy to use, GitLab CI/CD can be difficult for many projects. And if you’re looking to unlock GitLab’s advanced CI/CD tools, you’ll have to go for one of its paid plans, which can strain the budget of small teams.

Other options for GitLab CI/CD

GitLab CI/CD is competitive in the CI/CD tools market. Here are some top tips for GitLab CI/CD.


Jenkins CI/CD dashboard.

If your development team doesn’t mind a complex setup, Jenkins open source can be your best option for GitLab CI/CD. Besides being free and giving you access to over 1,800 plugins, Jenkins is highly customizable.

You can learn about Jenkins and its features in our Jenkins CI/CD Tool Review.

GitHub action

GitHub dashboard.

If you prefer GitHub over GitLab, then GitHub Actions is a no-brainer. The GitLab CI/CD alternative is a very cost-effective solution that’s perfect for developers who want to build, test, and deploy directly from GitHub. GitHub Actions has a free plan, and its Team plan starts at $3.67 per user, per month.

Check out what GitHub Actions has to offer here.

Travis CI

Travis CI/CD tool

Travis CI is a GitLab CI/CD alternative that’s easy to set up and maintain when you choose one of its cloud-based options that start at $64 per month. Travis CI also has a self-service Enterprise solution for organizations looking for maximum performance, scalability, and flexibility. Its multilingual matrix supports more than 30 languages, and the CI/CD tool requires one-third the space of its competitors.

Learn more about Travis CI here.

Final thoughts on GitLab CI/CD

While GitLab CI/CD may not be the only tool of its kind, it’s a solid choice for development teams looking to deploy an easy-to-use, flexible, and secure solution.

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