Guatemala’s Supreme Court annuls the presidential election one month before the vote

Guatemala’s Supreme Court has banned another presidential candidate, this time ending the campaign of electoral leader Carlos Pineda for violating electoral laws.

GUATEMALA CITY — Guatemala’s Supreme Court blocked the election of another presidential candidate on Friday, this time ending the campaign of electoral leader Carlos Pineda for violating electoral laws.

The Supreme Constitutional Court rejected Pineda’s appeal after the election authorities ruled that he should not be present until the June 25 vote.

“The Constitutional Court has ended the democracy of this country,” Pineda told the AP in a telephone interview.

“Government unity prevailed, corruption and tyranny,” Pineda said. “It’s amazing. I feel like I’m dead.”

Pineda said his last hope is with the people of Guatemala, that the majority will vote for nothing and the new one. electionit will happen.

Pineda is the vice president who has decided not to run. The court rejected Roberto Arzú’s last appeal on Thursday, and previously ruled against Thelma Cabrera because of the correspondence with her lawyer partner.

The fourth, Edmond Mulet, should also be removed, pending a decision from the court on whether he should be part of it. The Attorney General’s office requested an investigation because he started his campaign early by making comments against the persecution of journalists.

Some people have accused Guatemala’s electoral authorities of using the courts to give candidates a chance to approve their establishment.

The European Union, the United States and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have said they are concerned about the removal of candidates.

Pineda, a conservative activist who launched a campaign that caught fire on social media, emerged as the surprise front-runner in the polls earlier this month.

Government officials said there were problems in the way his party, Prosperidad Ciudadana, chose a candidate for the election that failed him.

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