Hillary Clinton Says Trump ‘Rigged’ 2020 Election, Predicts ‘End of Democracy’ If Wins in 2024

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump played a “hard game” to try to steal the 2020 election and predicted that his victory in 2024 would be “the end of democracy.”

Clinton, who has previously said that questioning the outcome of the election is the end of democracy as we know it, made the comments during a panel discussion at the Financial Times Weekend Festival in Washington, DC over the weekend.

The interviewer, Financial Times editor Edward Luce, first asked what the future of America would be like under Trump will win in 2024.

“If in any other scenario that would happen, it would be the end of democracy in the United States, it would be the end of Ukraine,” he answered enthusiastically.

“You know, they will pull us out of NATO if they win again. And just like they pulled us out of Iran, they pulled us out of the Paris Accords,” he added.

Abolishing NATO, the Iran deal, and the Paris Accords, and ending the US tax war on Ukraine sounds like a list of reasons we should all vote for. about Trumpet.

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Clinton Says Trump’s Election – Just Failed

At Hillary Clinton’s place Financial Times Questions and comments on the 2020 election that, had they been made by Trump, would have been criticized and criticized for questioning the integrity of America’s elections.

The two-time presidential loser began to rail against the Electoral College, blaming the system established by our Founding Fathers for his loss.

“He (Trump) is so angry that he will do anything to win the Electoral College … to vote him out of office,” he said. “But then there’s no problem.”

He also expressed his frustration at winning the popular vote when he lost it, which he said cost him the victory even if Biden managed to pull it off in 2020.

And that’s when he liked about the “false” election.

Clinton said she had sources telling her that Trump and his family thought they had Georgia and Arizona “secured” in 2020.

“They were, you know, working with Republican governors and legislatures to reduce the vote as much as possible,” he said. “And they, you know, thought Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were, you know, their chance.”

“So, he’s angry because … His game failed,” Clinton said. “His cheating game to steal the election.”

“I mean, you can always tell what Trump is doing because he’s going to accuse someone of doing it. That’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in public.”

A more amazing word has never been spoken in the history of mankind.

You can watch the full interview with the Financial Times below:

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Says Questions About Biden’s Age Are ‘Legitimate’

It’s odd to hear Hillary Clinton complaining about a “messy” election when she received a “rigged” primary in 2016.

Senator Bernie Sanders, you see, said the 2016 election was stolen from him it’s a “fixed” plan to favor Clinton. Senator Elizabeth Warren also said that the Democratic Party “disrupted” her a first for Clinton.

Clinton, it seems, is creating reality.

Of course, despite his favoritism, he spent years complaining that that year’s election was rigged by the Russians and anyone else who could point a finger at him.

“I was the candidate who rigged the election,” he said.

In fact, there was no one more prominent in doubting the US election than Hillary Clinton in 2016-2020.

In her interview with the Financial Times, Clinton also raised eyebrows by saying that President Joe Biden’s age is a legitimate issue for voters.

Luce said a recent video showed Biden about to descend some stairs, which he called a “heart-stopping moment.”

While Biden seems to only fight on the ladder, Hillary argues that it happens to people of all ages.

“Everyone’s concern,” he replied. “We’ve had presidents who have fallen before who were very young, and people didn’t have a heartbeat.”

“But his age is difficult, and people have a right to think about it.”

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