House Oversight Committee Ends 2-Year Investigation into Eric Swalwell’s Affair with Chinese Spy Fang Fang – Says No Further Action Will Happen | The Gateway Pundit

The House Ethics Committee has officially completed its two-year investigation into allegations that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) engaged to honey and Chinese spy Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang.

Remember, the Chinese spy raised money for Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell and planted an “intern” in his congressional office.

A Chinese national named Fang Fang, AKA, Christine Fang, fought in California politics between 2011 and 2015 under the auspices of China’s domestic spy agency and had close ties to two Midwestern mayors, according to Axios.

According to Fang’s friends, he was in his 20s or 30s when he enrolled at Bay Area University and began to fight politics and collect intelligence under the guidance of China’s Ministry of Defense (MSS).

Fang was a “bundler” for Eric Swalwell and other Democratic candidates but it is also believed that the Chinese spy and honey had a close relationship with Swalwell.

Tucker Carlson’s team reached out to Swalwell’s office and asked if Swalwell had a close relationship with the honeypot and spy Christine Fang and he said he couldn’t answer because the information might be “chosen ones.”

Despite these Chinese spy scandals, Swalwell is still on the House Intelligence Committee (thanks Pelosi) and has access to this kind of information.

In a statement released Monday by the House Committee on Ethics, the committee announced that no further action will be taken on the investigation, which began in April 2021.

The committee concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support the allegation that Swalwell “violated House Rules, regulations, or other standards of conduct regarding your association with Ms. Christine Fang.”

Read the book letter below:

As you know, on April 9, 2021, the Ethics Committee (Committee) informed you that it has decided to investigate the charges filed on the complaint that you may have violated House Rules, laws, or other conditions related to your association with Ms. Christine Fang. The committee will not take any action in this matter.

The committee has previously reviewed allegations of improper foreign adoptions
and in doing so, he warned that members should be aware that foreign governments may try to gain undue influence through gifts and other practices. We encourage you to contact the Office of House Security for any advice you can follow to prevent or counter such attempts.

It is not our intention to make this letter public unless you describe the matter as inconsistent with the spirit and purpose of this letter.

Following the decision of the final investigation committee, Swalwell released a words to say, “It’s time to move on.”

“About 10 years ago I assisted the FBI in their investigation of a volunteer. The case and my assistance were presented to the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and two years later, the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, reappointed me to the House Intelligence Committee. “No Speaker has questioned my actions or politicized my cooperation. Although the FBI has repeatedly said that I was not helpful and that I have never reported wrongdoing, these complaints were made by House Republicans,” Swalwell said in a statement Tuesday.

“It is time to move on.” The Bicameral House Oversight Committee has been dealing with this case for more than two years. They had the power of subpoena. He received responses from me in response to requests for information. Today they are closing the matter and they have not found anything wrong.”

“If the purpose of bringing the complaint and defamation was to block me to silence what will not happen. I will continue to be a spokesperson on behalf of the people I live with and a passionate defender of democracy,” he concluded.

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