How to find a Dealer and unlock secret items in Warzone 2’s DMZ

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been out for six months and has been receiving regular updates. The most recent major changes to the game came with the release of Season 3 Reloaded, which introduced Warzone Ranked play, as well as new users, weapons, maps, and a special DMZ map known as the Koschei Complex.

In Koschei Complex, there is a new addition called Shopkeeper, which allows players to receive secret items such as special equipment, badge, and calling card. Before entering a new game, select the Abandoned Operator group.

Where to find Shopkeeper in Warzone 2 DMZ


Start fresh Warzone 2 DMZ similar to entering Al Mazrah. After breeding, look for the car battery and jumper cables that will be needed later.

Then, after organizing and finding the aforementioned items, go to the three bunkers. One of them will be at the entrance to the Koschei Complex, where you will face different AI enemies. Complete the small scene inside the room, stock up on weapons and armor, and continue.

After you’ve finished painting, you’ll come across a Chemical Plant, where night vision goggles will come in handy since there’s no light. You can find two mirrors around the area if you don’t already have one. As you kill your way through the area, one of the AI ​​enemies will drop a Factory Admin Key, which will be essential to progress.

Koschei Complex awaits DMZ Agents in Al Mazrah. Find your way and prepare for a new entry.

You have to remember that there are only two Factory Control Keys available in the DMZ game, and other enemy pilots can capture them as well. Once you have the key in hand, continue west, and you’ll find a gate called A/1.

In that area, you will find a door that is already open. When you enter, there is a very small door that opens to the Factory Admin Wing, where you need to use your key to enter.

Next, you will encounter long halls where you will have to fight a sentry turret. After defeating it, you can follow the arrows that lead to a door that opens into a large room with several rooms.

Go around the floor until you find a sign that says “Shop.” Enter the room and follow the arrows that are accompanied by smiley faces. Finally, you will come across a Buy Station closed by a Dead Drop, which is the secret “Shopkeeper” in Warzone 2.

Take a look inside the Koschei Complex and the DMZ! What new challenges and dark secrets await in Al Mazrah?

In the same room, you will find a list of Vendors and a box where you can drop items. Next, find all the items in the inventory and bring them to the Dead Drop to open the Buy Station.

All items can be found inside Warzone 2’s Koschei Complex. One of the most loaded areas is the Alpha Cluster, which requires jumper cables and a car battery to reach.

When you have collected all the items in the list, return to the Dead Drop, and interact with it to drop the items. A locked Buy Station will open where you can buy or trade to receive items, including cosmetics alone in Warzone 2. Completing this will also reward you with 15,000 XP and an L2 Restricted Zone Key.

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