How to use dark mode on Windows

Darkness is everywhere now. If you regularly use a computer or laptop browsing the web or working then dark mode can help you reduce the strain on your eyes and make the screen easier to use.

Fortunately, Windows it has some dark settings that are easy to turn on to reduce the brightness a bit. Also some eye care products that are worth checking out. That’s why we’re here to help you customize things to suit your needs.


What is darkness?

If you don’t already know black mode is a feature that automatically switches black text on a white screen to give you a nice black theme.

A dark background reduces the amount of glare on the screen and not only makes the screen easier on your eyes but also easier to read.

The dark side is familiar to many people and is available in a variety of applications including WhatsApp, Chrome, Instagram, Snapchat etc. It is also possible to open it easily on all Android devices and iPhone on.

With this widespread popularity you won’t be surprised to hear that dark mode is also available in Windows.

How to enable dark mode in Windows

Windows makes it possible to set up dark mode as a default setting easily. To enable it follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows Start button and type Settings
  2. Then from the Windows settings look for “personalization” from the left menu
  3. From there look for “choose input” and select “black” from the drop down
  4. If you choose “custom” you can delete it to use the dark mode for Windows as a whole or for specific programs

It is also possible to find dark ways in other ways. Click the Windows Start button and search for “turn on dark mode” and you’ll get straight to the settings. Alternatively, you can right-click on your desktop and click “customize” and click on color options and select black mode from the options.

Try a night light instead

Try Night Light instead of Darkness

If you feel that you have a problem with the brightness of the screen playing with your eyes then another option you can turn to in Windows is Night Light.

This is a process that puts a warm color on your screen and emits a harsh blue light. Night Light is an alternative to the low blue colors you’ll find in your lighting (we’d also recommend using it if you have a lot of headaches).

To test it follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows Start button and type Settings
  2. Then in Windows settings, under “system” look for “display” settings
  3. Click on that and then click on Night Light settings
  4. In the Night Light settings you can change the power, turn it on or off and set and turn it off at certain times

Dark Task Manager

Windows Task Manager dark mode

In addition to the dark mode Windows also allows you to use the dark mode in some programs. For example it is possible to turn on the dark mode of the Task Manager in Windows 11 and you should also because it is glorious. To do this:

  1. Press CTRL+Shift+Esc at the same time to open Task Manager
  2. Click on the three bars on the top left
  3. Then click on the settings cog at the bottom
  4. Then select dark mode from under the settings of the program title or select “use settings” if you are using dark mode on Windows 11.

What does system wide dark mode do?

You have now seen that it is possible to turn on the dark settings in Windows and one of those settings is to use the dark mode on most systems. You may be wondering what this means. Well, when the system is heavily used the dark mode affects all the programs built into Windows. This includes things like Windows File Explorer, your settings, Edge, Microsoft Store and more.

This does not mean that dark mode will be used for everything, so if there are any third-party apps you use that you would like to see dark mode then you may need to do it manually.

Black on Chrome

Dark mode on Chrome in Windows

If you have dark mode turned on then you should find that Chrome and Edge are running with the dark mode used by default. However, you may find that there are some things that are not yet “black” in your browser. Don’t worry because you can change other settings to change them too. One is changing your profile to a very dark one:

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three options on the right
  2. Click settings
  3. Then click on “Change Your Chrome Profile”
  4. On the next page select one of the dark theme colors (like black and gray) and this should make things like addresses and brochures black.

Another option is to enable Chrome to force dark mode on every page, even if the site doesn’t offer dark mode by default:

  1. Enter this address in your URL: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
  2. This will bring up Chrome’s hidden menu and Force Dark Mode option
  3. Go to the drop down menu next to Enable Dark Mode and choice It’s turned on
  4. Down, hit it Restart it button to restart your browser

high content dark mode

Also try a higher contrast

If you notice that the dark mode is not working in a sufficient area in Windows then another thing to try is a different size. This is a theme and uses a black theme on Windows with a different text. There are a variety of themes to choose from including marine, desert, dusk and night sky. To access these topics:

  1. Click the Windows Start button and type Settings
  2. Viewing the access settings on the left
  3. Click that and select a different theme from the drop down
  4. Click Apply

These themes may not be for everyone but they can make things easy to read even in the dark without being too boring.

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