Increase your storage space with a new card

These stylish storage options can make a huge difference.

MicroSD cards have been around for years and years now, but it’s safe to say that they’re one of those supposedly boring technologies that’s still a little interesting – their small size can be surprising compared to large storage. the place they provide.

There are plenty of tech devices out there that benefit from extra storage, too Android phones to Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, and the same cards should work in both of them (subject to storage limits). Therefore, we have selected the best value options on the market, right here.


  • Samsung Evo Select microSD card

    An employee

    A great microSD card at a great price, this is everything most people could want and more. Its reading / writing speed is at 130MB / s, which should be enough to be able to use everything on your device.

  • SanDisk Extreme microSD card

    SanDisk Extreme microSD card

    SanDisk is a big name in this space, and for good reason – its cards are reliable and fast, with the Extreme being the exception to that rule. It has crazy reading speed, so it’s great for passing the time in gaming.

  • Samsung Pro Plus microSD card

    Samsung Pro Plus microSD card

    Samsung doesn’t have the final options – this mid-range card has a very attractive price tag and still ticks the boxes that most people would want.

  • SanDisk Ultra microSD card

    SanDisk Ultra microSD card

    High Price

    SanDisk is proving that you don’t have to break the bank to expand your storage space, with a microSD card that can include the storage of many phones while costing less than most phones.

  • Lexar 1066x microSD card

    Lexar Professional 1066x microSD card

    Select Premium

    This is a high-end card that may not be necessary unless you are a photographer or filmmaker, but it is a reliable and fast option for professional users.

  • PNY Elite-x microSD card pack

    PNY Elite-X microSD card

    If you’re looking to expand storage on multiple devices at the same time (perhaps if you’re setting up a camera network), this value pack brings together three affordable and fun cards.

  • SanDisk Extreme Pro microSD card

    SanDisk Extreme Pro microSD card

    We don’t think SanDisk’s top-of-the-line model makes sense for most people because of its price, but that doesn’t stop its looks and performance from impressing if you want the best you can get.

  • Samsung EVO Plus microSD card

    Samsung EVO Plus microSD

    Samsung takes another place on our list, unsurprisingly, with this excellent and very durable mid-range system, which can withstand a lot of punishment if you are worried about data corruption in storage.

How we choose the best microSD cards

MicroSD cards only have a few basic features that you see on every list you look at, such as their storage size and their read/write speed.

This ensures everything you can store on them, and how quickly you can move files, find them or add them to the microSD card, so it’s important. However, there are also other interesting points that concern us, including how durable the card is – waterproofing and building quality can be the difference between data corruption or protection if you get caught in a storm, for example. We test all angles considering the microSD card, not forgetting the price, of course.

It seems that Samsung and SanDisk get several places on our list, unsurprisingly – these are the biggest names in the market, with options at different prices to suit all needs, and if you choose a MicroSD card from each of them. can’t be wrong. The main point of advice we can give is that you should not overspend. If you want a simple card, don’t feel like you have to choose the best option available.

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