iOS 17 can turn your iPhone into a smart display

Last year iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max it brought regular displays to Apple audiences for the first time in the series’ history, long after Android devices. From a distance, you may not think that regular displays are very similar to a smart display or a smart home tablet. But it seems like the company is working on iOS 17 which could be based on or include a major hardware project.


By Bloomberg’s Mark Gurmana veteran at Apple’s hit, says that among the changes that will make long list of iOS 17 this fall – along with the new iPhones, of course – is a major change to the ever-present format.


Currently, when the always-on display is turned on, device owners only see the day and time in bright light. The rest of the lock screen is reduced, although in reality, some users – including my Android Police colleague Will Sattelberg – Say it looks too bright and too beautiful not to call it dark. Close screen widgetswhich came back with iOS 16, they still appear in their normal position and size on the screen at all times, as well as notifications when they appear at the bottom of the screen (and hide those widgets).

Apple is said to be developing a new interface for iOS 17, however, which looks like it will transform the iPhone’s interface into something similar. Echo Show from Amazon or, more appropriately, the Pixel phone is turned on Google Pixel Stand. This will display the weather, calendar events, and notifications on a dark background with bright text when the phone is locked and in the background. Designs like this can make the information easier to read from a nightstand than a regular display.

One of the features that stand out on smart home tablets is the ability to quickly switch on and off electronic devices with a push or swipe. Although mobile screens have grown in size from less than 4 inches to almost 7 inches, their features often keep smart home controls at least a few taps away or a screen lock away – not really easy to reach if the device is plugged into a charger. or even a port.

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Interestingly, the same report also says that Apple is developing a suitable tablet for the home that can be attached to a dock or wall with a magnet, something that needs to be displayed at all times. Development-wise, the new “night mode” of the iPhone feels like an outgrowth of this hardware. Of course, Apple could do some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max owners a favor and simply change the dark mode that always appears in AOD scenarios.

What else is Apple working on lately?

Photo of WWDC 23


Apple is also working on a new social media app that will launch with iOS 17, and the Apple Health suite is expected to get features related to vision and vision. The app itself is said to be making its iPad debut, too. But for fans of AirPlay and SharePlay users, you can connect your iPhone to a speaker or TV on the ad.

We may see previews of some or all of these rumored events WWDC on 5 June.

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