Japan’s Wooden Satellite Almost Ready for Space

Apparently, space wood and something. Japanese researchers are planning to implement it Earth’s first satellite made of wood following a successful experiment on the International Space Station (ISS), which shows wood can be very durable in air.

In collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), a team of researchers from Kyoto University exposed three types of wood to the critical environment outside the ISS, and found that the material was not affected by cosmic rays or particles that came later. period of 10 months, according to to the researchers behind the experiment. The experiment began in March 2022 on board the Japanese Kibo module in the ISS.

The orbital test paves the way for the research team, along with Japanese logging company Sumitomo Forestry, to send a wooden satellite into orbit next year. The satellite, called LignoStella, will not be made of wood, of course, parts that are usually built from aluminum.

After the search of the three types of wood in the ISS, the team said that magnolia wood is the strongest because of its strength and will be used to make the experimental satellite.

When you think about building a spaceship, carrying wood into space may be the last thing you do. As the latest experiment shows, the wood did not tear, peel, twist or deteriorate in any way after hanging in the Earth’s orbit for almost a year.

Wood has several advantages because it can burn up completely when it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere, unlike metal satellites that can break up into pieces of space food or cause the burning of aluminum that can harm the environment.

Another advantage is that wood does not they block electromagnetic waves, so the satellite can place its antennas inside its beam instead of outside. So, instead of thinking like Futurama on Bender is trying to humble himself by rebuilding from scrap wood, a sassy Japanese ship he will get promoted because of his strong body.

Yes, natural wood seems to be less durable than other types of materials, but to me I wouldn’t do that read it right now.

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