Jim Jordan Tries to Retaliate against FBI to Protect Trump

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said House Republicans are working on legislation to defund the FBI.


Jordan said when asked about the FBI’s funding by Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business:

Here’s a simple one. They want a new facility that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars there is no way we can sign off on one that is easy right off the bat so let’s not say there is no money in this that can be used in any way. take revenge on the wicked.

We need to put some restrictions on the economy. If you’re doing any kind of Big Tech promotion you should check it out. You can’t use taxpayers’ money and that’s why we have to put in all kinds of what we call passengers, language that restricts the way they can spend American tax money that should be part of the process and we’re working on language that we think is real. needed to get them the distribution bills.

Jordan’s reason for removing the FBI is to stop the investigation of Donald Trump. The fake whistleblower and all the other reasons he cited are consistent with conspiracy theories that there is a government conspiracy to take out former President Trump.

Investigation of Rep. Jordan has passed. Jordan has found nothing and his government subcommittee tools have been useless, so Trump allies have tried to use their power as the Senate to stop the FBI and send a message to the Justice Department.

All the seats that the House Republicans put money to support or protect Trump will be removed by the Senate, but the corruption runs so deep in the House that Jim Jordan is willing to destroy national security to protect Trump.

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