Joseph Baena Breaks Down the Whole Body Workout

Baena was eager to share these new wrinkles.

Joseph Baena understands the weight behind the fitness icon they are often compared. As a child of The famous Arnold Schwarzeneggersome would say strength and education is run in the family. Some may expect to start doing the old “business”. At the very least, Baena seems to be trying to honor his lineage every chance he gets. The workout you just shared is one example.

On the weekend of May 19-21, 2023, Baena put together a workout that targets the entire body. In a now-deleted Instagram post, she posed as a worthy challenge to her followers as she continues to improve her fitness.

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In his now-deleted statement, Baena explains that this regular routine is “switching up” his workouts from time to time. This can be in the form of new moves, using drops, or even creating other games outside of strength training. If it’s a way to find ways to challenge himself and get him to go beyond the best and most versatile methods, it seems that Baena wants to stop it all.

Here is a summary of Baena’s endurance performance, with six supersets combining strength training exercises with proper muscle building movements:

Joseph Baena May 2023 Endurance Workout Overview

In February 2022 communication with Healthy Men, Baena said she wanted to figure out her own fitness routine. Although he had the opportunity to lean on a Mr. Olympia legend like Schwarzenegger, Baena was interested in striking out on his own in the gym.

These days, if this interview is any indication, Baena often works six days a week, two hours per session, sometimes working out as early as possible.

Over time, he found success and a better way.

“I went to the book. I wanted to know myself … I was able to have a bodybuilding mindset, to be able to build my body the way I want.”

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Perhaps choosing to do it alone will allow Baena to further his glory, in the gym and otherwise. It seems that this type of thinking was about getting out of his father’s shadow. With physical strength and control that looks like fitness on paper, it looks like Baena is doing well in his pursuits.

Featured image: @joebaena on Instagram

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