Lala Kent Breaks Out About ‘Randall Scandal,’ Ex Randall Emmett

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Emotions. Lala Kent she revealed about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Randall Emmett following the release of The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing and Vanderpump documents.

“I’m thinking back [to] who I am now. And I thought about myself at that time in an unfamiliar place,” he said Vanderpump Rules star, 32, said in an interview with Los Angeles Times published on Monday, May 22. “I lived at home until I turned 23. When I moved to LA, it was the first time I left home. And I wish I could go back and protect myself. I was Randall Emmett’s animal. “

Emmett, 52, is Kent got engaged in September 2018 and welcomed their daughter Seanow 2, in March 2021. After seven months, the two they ended their relationship The producer was spotted by two women while in Nashville. A real star she scolded her cheating ex-girlfriend on him, which he did not confirm at all.

“It was a never-ending f-king roller-coaster of torture. And yet, to this day I look at myself and go, ‘What the f–king life? What are you doing?'” Kent agreed LA Times. “If I didn’t say, ‘My daughter should be here.’ …He is a magical person. I’m going crazy.”

Kent went on to say that Emmett said he looked like “a piece of destruction” for giving birth to their daughter. The Hard Kill the artist also said that Emmett/Furla Oasis Film himself was “rude” for “the last few days” when he arrived at Ocean.

“I remember breastfeeding Ocean, I was in bed,” she recalls. “He came to bed and told me something that I had been drinking for the last week. And I had Ocean on my lap, and I leaned down and I said, ‘Look at your mouth, I’m still the same whore you met when I was 25.

As soon as they split up, a LA Times published a long-running show who accused the Irish producer of immorality, abusing his workers and more. Emmett, for his part, said he denied the allegations.

“When it all came out it was like ‘Finally, I have a reason to leave him,’ but it also hurt,” Give Them founder Lala said in a Monday profile. “I always felt that … I thought I was special. I thought I was being cast in movies because I was an actress and people often said to me, ‘You give bl–j–s for your movie roles and that’s how I feel.’ They were right.”

Randall’s story premiered on Hulu on Monday. ABC News Studios and LA Times Studios covered the investigation into Emmett’s actions in a 90-minute special. The documentary included interviews with Kent’s family and some of his former collaborators. Emmett, for his part, chose not to participate about the project.

“I refused to participate because it quickly became clear to me that the film would be biased, if not more, than the story it was based on,” he said. Page Six in his pre-release statement, he says the interviewees were “encouraged” to say bad things about him. “It is my understanding that many people have been approached to participate in the show and many have declined.”

After the release of the doc, Kent took to social media to thank the people who chose to come forward with their experiences in the film.

“I applaud @abcnews @hulu @latimes for continuing to find the truth,” he wrote via his Instagram Story on Monday. “My heart goes out to all the victims, even those who have never told their stories. I am proud of my mother and brother, these brave supporters… each and every one who has been fearless. I stand with you. Every time I fight for this ‘man’, I am very sad. Now I know the truth. Even the truth that has not been revealed yet.”

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