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Summer is almost upon us in the northern part of the world and many of us are thinking about what new things we will learn this summer to use when school starts again in the fall. If this describes you, I have three self-paced courses you can complete this summer.

Like everyone, I am also feeling the effects of inflation. So I have to raise the price of the courses I offer. That price increase will take place on June 1st. Until then you can enroll in any of my courses at their current price and complete them anytime this summer.

Register by June 1 to cover the cost of any courses you wish to complete. All self-help courses can be found here.

Live Commentary!

This five-part course teaches you everything you need to know to create and teach with your live presentations. In this course you will learn why the process of creating live presentations is important to your students and to you. You’ll learn how to create anything from a simple one-frame video to a full-length movie. Click here to learn more and get started today!

Five Practical Videos for Every Classroom

In this five-part course you’ll learn how to create and implement video projects for almost any K-12 grade level! You can do this on Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, and Windows computers. The main points of the course include green video production, animation production, and various techniques for creating educational videos. Find out more here and start here.

How to Create & Sell Your Own Modern Products

In this four-part course you’ll learn how to create and sell eBooks, webinars, video tutorials, lesson plans, and more! And I’ll help you market your new product! All courses are delivered in a series of four emails each week. Each lesson includes notes, templates, and video tutorials. You can email me all your questions after completing the course. And finally you can book a Zoom call with me one-on-one! Click here to learn more and get started today!

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