Louis Vuitton takes Baroque and botanical notes from Italy’s Isola Bella for Cruise 2024.

STRESA, Italy — The incessant rain failed to interfere with Nicolas Ghesquiere’s ambitions for his Louis Vuitton 2024 Cruise, it was revealed on Wednesday for the A-list group including. Oprah WinfreyCate Blanchett, Jennifer Connolly and Emma Stone.

Viewed in front of the golden sunset at the entrance to the most beautiful fountain on Isola Bella in the north of Lake Maggiore in Italy, the exhibition was moved to the magnificent rooms of the Borromeo Palace, which was built in the 17th century and only completed 400 Years later, after World War II. The castle near the Swiss border remains the summer residence of the Borromeo family.

Cruise shows are some of the most popular fashion shows in the world, bringing fashion crowds to some of the world’s most glamorous destinations. Internet is still available for Ghesquire’s Cruise 2018 in Kyoto and Cruise 2017 in Rio de Janiero.

The Isola Bella exhibition was nothing short of impressive, compared to the island’s gardens. The creative power of Louis Vuitton in the last decade combined the Baroque notes that were easily recognized in the oil paintings that were hung throughout the palace with modern accessories such as sporty silhouettes that placed boxes on top of bicycle shorts with tied tops.

Ghesquiere’s creations can emerge from the depths of the sea, with nets made of neoprene forming wings on top and creating flowing skirts, fit for a freshwater mermaid. and tapestry detailing on the sleeves of the jacket.

A series of cotton dresses with sheer panels and satin trims that fell into crisp, wire lines closed the show in peach, bramble, pink and yellow. The queen’s dress was finished with calf-length boots, decorated with laces.

Ghesquiere described the collection as an “archaeology of the future,” located on an island that “gives the impression of a dream.”

“What I like is the idea of ​​a modern princess who doesn’t want a princess anymore,” said Italian actress Sabrina Impacciatore, whose work was inspired by the portrayal of hotel manager Valentina in the second season of “White Lotus.”

“It’s a spirit I’ve seen in every outfit and I love it. It’s about a strong girl, a very strong girl, who doesn’t give up her femininity,” said Impacciatore, trying on a new twist in a leather jumpsuit.

When hundreds of invited guests watched the show inside the palace, the Parisian fashion house rushed to the afternoon break to keep the rain as they wanted: Feathered headdresses or folds in the Baroque well, silhouettes that combine Renaissance accordion necklaces. with shorts or mini-skirts, sneakers or shoes.

Winfrey is the producer of the remake of “The Color Purple,” which was released in December, nearly four decades after the original 1985 film for which she was nominated for an Oscar as best actress. He called the 2023 film “a revival of joy.”

“I think what it will give is hope and strength to women,” she said before the show. “I hope women come with their friends, sisters and families and come and watch. It’s going to be fun.”

When asked about reports that California Governor Gavin Newsome has floated his name as a potential candidate to take back Sen. If Dianne Feinstein resigns, Winfrey has indicated that she does not see politics in her future.

“Not on my plate,” he said. “That’s not me. It’s a pleasure. I am honored.”

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