Marjorie Taylor Greene Buys Kevin McCarthy’s Used Chapstick For $100,000

Just when you thought Republicans couldn’t take a surprise, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene paid $100,000 for Chapstick and dinner with Kevin McCarthy.

Politics It was said because this is clearly the most important Republican issue going on today:

House Republicans are calling for spending cuts to raise the debt. First, they stood up at their private weekly meeting on Tuesday to make another request: Speaker Kevin McCarthy used chapstick.

The fundraising campaign for McCarthy’s cherry lip balm ended with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) winning $100,000, as confirmed by her spokeswoman. He only started bidding after the California Republican decided to sweeten the deal: He agreed to go to dinner with the winner and the donors and supporters he wanted to bring. The money is going to the House GOP campaign team.

Kevin McCarthy’s most famous trait that one would think would encourage people to order was dry lips. The only question now is which big whites will be Rep. Greene choose to bring food with him? Maybe Speaker McCarthy can take pictures with guys with Nazi tattoos?

With each passing day, the Republican Party does more amazing things. What’s next? Will McCarthy sell toilet paper from the bottom of his shoe? House Republicans are a strange bunch, and putting this gang in state and giving them the ability to run the economy down the road is a very bad idea.

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