Matt Gaetz Opened His Mouth And Destroyed The GOP Debt Plan

House Republicans are not very good at this. Instead of hiding, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) referred to the US economy as ‘our eagle’ when discussing the debt ceiling.

Here’s Gaetz:

House Republicans, like Gaetz, don’t know how quickly this manufacturing crisis will approach them. Do Republicans think President Biden is holding talks so he can hear himself speak? Biden is proposing several measures to cut spending, including a hiring freeze and making the government buy Medicare drugs.

President Biden is working hard to reach a deal because he wants to avoid betrayal, and because if the country fails, the blame will fall on House Republicans like a ton of bricks.

The inexperienced Republican House has never experienced what happened to Republicans when they tried to play the debt reduction game with Obama. The comeback in the Republican party was strong, fast, and fierce.

At least the last time House Republicans tried this, they were smart enough not to announce to the nation that they were trying to save the economy and hurt millions of Americans.

House Republicans remain skeptical that they can force Biden and Democrats to accept the cuts, which would make their commitment even more impressive.

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