Matt Roloff Hospitalized for Surgery Complications: “More Work Needs to Be Done”

Matt Roloff has given the following confirmation, and given them a dire warning.

On Monday, the Little People, Big World parent shared a picture of herself in the hospital, which caused a stir on the Internet because she had never reported an illness.

“Last week was difficult. … went in for what I thought was a routine procedure to look at my esophagus …” Matt wrote to open the caption for the photo.

Then he explained in detail what happened next.

Matt Roloff smiles in pain. He was hospitalized in May 2023. (Instagram)

“When things don’t go as planned and Doc tells Caryn “we had some problems”. I find myself having unexpected contractions and turning to stomach,” Roloff continued, referring to his friend, Caryn Chandler.

“The good news is that… I didn’t want the computer chip and monitor to be installed!” horror stories and a lot of work to be done.

“The worst part is that I have to take a few days off work and sleep.

“I’m working today!”

You look happy, both of you! Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff are happily married. (Instagram)

Because of his short stature, Matt underwent 15 surgeries as a child.

“As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Matt began as a guest on the podcast in 2018.

My childhood was difficult. Not from family but from orthopedic surgery, spending a long time – sometimes months – in the hospital is a very rare opportunity for your parents.

“That’s how they did it in those days and they did very painful surgeries.

‘So I think all of this created a sense of resilience and gave me a can-do attitude and resilience.

Matt Roloff works hard on his farm near the star of Little People, Big World. (Instagram)

In general, being born with achondroplasia does not mean that a person will live a long life or that they will have to face serious medical problems.

But this challenge presents its own challenges.

For example, Matt talked about a scary experience he had three months after his son was born Zach Roloff underwent emergency surgery.

In February, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to ask for prayers as her husband prepares for surgery.


“We found out that Zach’s shunt needs to be fixed and he will have surgery in the morning,” Tori said at the time.

The mother of three described how Zach was doing two days later.

“Not exactly how we’ve seen our week… Zachary had an emergency scan this morning. It’s been a horrible 72 hours but he’s doing great and recovering!!

“Thank you very much to everyone for the prayers you have prayed for us.

“We are so blessed by our team of neurosurgeons and their passion for Zach’s needs!

“Thank you to our friends and relatives who reached out to ask for help. We feel that they love us and help us.”

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