Mitchell Hooper Squats 525 Pounds for 24 Reps, More than Tom Platz’s “Record”.

Hooper has broken a major milestone in endurance sports.

Mitchell Hooper he is probably best known for his recent strong run, to the end of his first race World’s Strongest Man (WSM). during the 2023 iteration in April. However, the Canadian athlete prides himself as an all-rounder strength dynamo, working on his culture and providing some of his original academic knowledge looks like he can do it. The superstar’s latest feats in the gym are little-known but well-known to catch up.

On May 23, 2023, Hooper shared a video on his Instagram to kneel down 238.1 kilograms (525 pounds) for 24 reps. The strength mark was the work of AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) and surpasses the history of 1980 Mr. Universe Tom Platz – who set the original standard with this success with 23 reps of 525 pounds in 1992 at the “Great American Squat-Off. .” Hooper records good depth in the “hole” on each of his reps and wears a lifting belt and hands on the knees during the squat.

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Many have tried to break Platz’s AMRAP record over the years, seeing it as a rare feat of strength that an athlete must possess with a unique blend of strength and power. Perhaps the most recent example is power booster Joe Sullivanwhich are about to expire in June 2022 after diligent preparation.

In the power play division, Hooper is the top seed in the conference, which is very fitting given his WSM success and status as a competitive bulldozer. Mid May 2023 squat set of 210.9 kilograms (465 pounds) for 20 reps it could be Hooper laughing at his rivalry with Platz’s AMRAP squat record.

According to his website at Strongman Archives, Hooper has stood on the podium in nine consecutive championships and has won his last three races, including his 2023 WSM win. To this day, he has undoubtedly established himself as a household name in the sport of strength and power. Breaking Platz’s mark is yet another milestone to add to his impressively growing resume.

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What stands out about Hooper as an athlete is his hunger to continue to improve and push himself. The strong man was already in the process of working on some areas of his training that he felt needed polishing. Many people have been chasing the squat-endurance mark for almost 30 years, which shows the growth of Hooper.

Featured image: @mitchellhooper on Instagram

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