Netflix starts sharing passwords: What you need to know

Netflix it made a profit of $1.3 billion in its first fiscal quarter, but the advertising company may be making more money, thus continuing to crack down on password sharing. Tuesday, that to be revealed how this change will affect viewers in the US and UK, and how much it will cost them to share their accounts with people outside of their home country.


Can you share your Netflix account with someone in the same household?

Netflix has begun informing paying subscribers of a new option for anyone living abroad: “Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live with – your family,” his email is read. The company said that you can choose to transfer the foreign account to the new membership – for the user to pay – or you can pay an additional monthly fee in addition to the amount of your membership to keep the foreign user on your account.

You can change your order at any time by following Netflix steps here.


How is a Netflix account shared?

If you have the Standard plan, which costs $15.49 per month in the US, then Netflix has you covered. be lucky adding another member who can use services outside of your household is an additional $7.99 per month. Meanwhile, Premium customers, shelling out $19.99 a month, can have two additional members outside of their family. Those on the Basic or Standard with Ads plans and people who receive Netflix through a third party are not eligible to receive additional members on their account.

These rules apply not only to the US and in the UKwhere Netflix charges £4.99 per month for additional memberships.

What are the Netflix account sharing rules?

According to Netflix supportadditional members can upload and download applications to the extent allowed by the paid members’ plan, but they have one profile (with unique credentials) and one device at a time.

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Why does Netflix care about password sharing?

This is all part of Netflix’s efforts to get money into 100 million or more households has confirmed and shared the password. According to Netflix’s Q1 earnings this year (PDF), about 30 million are said to be in the US and Canada. Earlier this year, in an effort to curb password sharing, the company rolled out what it calls “paid sharing” in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. The method of sharing this account was also tested in Latin America last year.

While we wait for the spread of paid shares, note that the UK’s Intellectual Property Office has announced the sharing of passwords on social media. to be illegal.

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