Netflix’s King Kong MonsterVerse Anime

Picture: Netflix

Ssince 2014, Fantasy Pictures has been building slowly its MonsterVerse. Although he plans to stay Godzilla and King Kong argue again, and see both again monsters can stand on their own. Likewise Godzilla starts broadcasting on Apple TV +in the same way Kong with animation on Netflix.

Skull Island | Official Teaser | Netflix

Like 2017’s (very sweet) Kong: Skull Island film, and Skull Island The series focuses on a group of people who make the mistake of appearing on the island. After rescuing a girl named Annie (Mae Whitman) from drowning in the ocean, the explorers land on Skull Island, which is. full of gnarly monsters. But they can have a friend in Kong, whose whole job is to do it struggle with others monsters as violently as possible.

Skull Island’s monsters seem to have become more bloodthirsty since the 2017 movie, which makes watching the trailer above funny as others get ripped off or injured. But when This takes place in the MonsterVerse time, it seems like it’s close Skull Island the movie not the 2021 movie, Godzilla vs. Kong. The monster Monarch research team must return to the island and establish a base on the island at some point, and this series serves as a way to do so.

Netflix's Skull Island Brings King Kong and the MonsterVerse to Animation

Picture: Netflix

Also with Benjamin Bratt, Betty Gilpin, and Nicolas Cantu, Skull Island and created, written, and executive producer Brian Duffield (Cocaine Bear, Love and Beasts). They premieres June 22 on Netflix.

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