Obama Crossed the Picket Line, Top Writers Say

The Writers Guild of America is they are currently on strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Actors are fighting Hollywood studios for higher salaries, better working conditions, and contract protection against AI substitution.

Amid the ongoing labor dispute, striking writers are suing Barack Obama crossing the picket line. The former president participated a live event uploading its latest Netflix series on Thursday.

The discussion, moderated by journalist Ira Glass and conducted on LinkedIn, was circular Working: What We Do Every Day-a show narrated, popularized, and produced by Obama. This series is inspired by the career writer and historian Studs Terkel’s classic oral account of the US workforce, and follows people in various occupations as they go about their daily lives. Gizmodo knows that the irony here is thiccc.

Obama opened the debate with a nearly 3-minute, over-the-top speech in support of the WGA strike. “I know that there are a lot of studios and viewers who feel a little bit confused – that there’s been a little bit too much in the product and they’re looking at their originals. And they’re facing pressure from their shareholders, etc. But the truth is that they wouldn’t be there. “If there were no writers who made important stories,” he said while recording the story.

“My hope is that, as someone who supports The Writers’ Guild and as someone who believes in storytelling and his art – I hope that he will be paid, and the importance of what he is doing will be shown in every place he reaches. So I am very supportive of the writers and the strike , and I am hopeful that they will receive a fair share of the fruits of their labor,” Obama added.

Then quickly, the conversation pivots. “Let’s talk about the TV show,” says Glass. And they do, for over an hour.

While Obama’s previous comments on the soapbox may seem like a deal, it doesn’t take away from his decision to promote a Netflix series while corporate workers are hitting hard on the giant. For many WGA writers, the move was a violation of union rules.

“President @BarackObamaIf you want to talk about the cost of work, please do not pass @wga picket line to name the company that has done the most, “Javier Grillo-Marxuach, a photographer known for his work on exhibitions such as A loser, Treated, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, he wrote on Twitter, ahead of the scheduled event. The post has been reposted many times, including by many other writers and TV personalities. Marxuach was not alone in taking to social media to express her frustration with the former president.

Even Obama may not be a member of the WGA (interest: his daughter), and no technically as a government official, many still consider the move inappropriate.

“You can be critical or calm about the exact lines of our lines and what non-members are supposed to do in relation to our strike, but it’s clear here that Obama broke the law. the spirit The strike continues its streaming services on Netflix right now, something the most powerful showrunners in Hollywood have stopped doing to support the union,” Hamilton Nolan, a labor journalist and author, wrote in a statement. a Substack entrypublished on Friday.

Obama could have told the truth by coming off his show, Nolan says. This would have given a boost to The Writers Guild and shown the importance of Netflix and co. But the former president chose not to do so, and in doing so gave away a great opportunity to use his enormous powers.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise. Although Obama tried to position himself as an advocate for working people during his post-presidency retirement, he was. not exactly a trustee working during his administration, like others he pointed on the Internet. While in office, Obama has forcibly shut down several strikes, thwarting efforts to organize them Transportation workers in Philadelphia, West Coast Port Workersand freight railroad workers the whole world.

Gizmodo reached out to The Obama Presidential Center, the Office of Barack and Michelle Obama, and The Obama Foundation for comment. No one responded by press time. Spokesmen for Netflix and from WGA-West also did not immediately return questions. This article will be updated if they do.

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