O’Keefe Media Group: Special Assistant to John Fetterman Says Democrat Senator Is ‘Fine and Violating the Second Amendment’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

O’Keefe Media Group on Tuesday released a private video of a special aide to Democrat Senator John Fetterman saying his boss is fine with ‘demolishing the Second Amendment.’

“Like, he would.” [Fetterman] maybe, he’d be better off with, like, dropping the Second Amendment. Maybe. I think he is [Fetterman] I would love it, if nobody had a gun at all,” Fetterman’s Special Assistant Luke Borwegan told an undercover OMG reporter.

Luke Borwegan also said that he only chooses journalists who are puppets and “will say exactly what you want.”

Borwegan said the Fetterman camp was only giving stories about Senator John Fetterman’s brain to other reporters who painted him well.


O’Keefe Media Group reached out to John Fetterman’s office for comment on the latest video.

Fetterman’s Spox Joe Calvello replied: “Thank you. Keep living.”

Of course, Fetterman just wants others to be unarmed.

In 2013 Fetterman chased a black man down the street who he thought was involved in a shooting (turned out to be bottle rockets) in his neighborhood.

A black runner told a local reporter that Fetterman pointed a gun at his chest.

Here’s Fetterman in 2013 saying he “did the right thing” when he pulled a gun on an unarmed, innocent black runner:

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