Paul Staehle: My Cousin Is Trying To Steal My Kids!

Recently, Paul Staehle announced this Karine Martins will soon find herself in prison again Of their children, Pierre and Etan.

Not all 90th day of love fans are jumping to take Paul’s word for it, but it’s clear that he believes it. And maybe Karine does, too.

He also said recently that one of his family members is pulling out all stops to prevent further arrests. Even if you think about it lies about Karine.

Now, the cousin has granted custody of both boys – she wants to change their names and cut off all contact with their mother.

On his Instagram account, Paul Staehle often updates followers on his life. Even when he really, really shouldn’t. (Instagram)

Paul Staehle took to his Instagram Story on Wednesday, May 24, to discuss the family’s growing drama.

“My cousin has filed a petition to try to get custody,” he said.

“And,” Paul continued, “taking Karine away is my parental and parental rights forever.”

Little Pierre Staehle and Ethan Staehle are walking through the autumn leaves in 2022. (Instagram)

According to him, his cousin’s behavior calls for an end to Karine’s visits.

In addition to ending visitation with their mother, her cousin also wants Pierre and Ethan to get new names.

Currently, both boys have the last name of Staehle.

90 Day Fiance alum Karine Martins is with her son, Ethan Staehle, who she missed out on during this time. (Image credit: Instagram) (Instagram)

In Touch Weekly has confirmed that Paulo’s cousins ​​want to raise both children.

He also submitted an official document to the Minister of Health and Family.

Paul, Karine, and their legal representatives received copies of the decision.

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins Wedding Throwback
90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle shared what happened during his wedding to Karine Martins on their three year anniversary. (Instagram)

In an earlier statement, Paul also said that his cousin instructed 4-year-old Pierre and 15-year-old Ethan to call him “mom.”

Meanwhile, they have to report on Karine by her first appointment.

Paul says his cousin is unhappy if the boys, who have only been in Paul’s prison for about a year and Karine’s for another six months, don’t follow suit.

In this black and white photo, Karine Martins gives a little smile in the car. (Instagram)

“He’s sure he can’t contact me, Karine or anyone [Karine’s] family,” said Paul.

According to Paul, his cousin said that Brazil is a “poor country” where child abuse is rampant.

To be sure, child abuse is common in countless countries – the United States is no exception.

Paul Staehle Reveals Karine Martins Baby Bump
90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle stands next to his ex-wife, Karine Martins, his bump, their son Pierre Staehle, Paul’s two dogs, and Paul’s mother. (Instagram)

Some evils know no international borders, and some countries have deliberately not banned child abuse.

In fact, the United States is one of those countries. And if you look at this country listyou can see that Brazil is not.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It just means that using Karine’s brand, of all things, to say she’s a threat to her children doesn’t make sense. And there is more about Karine’s legitimate objections, so why go that weird route?

Karine Martins and Paul Staehle in Hot Light
In fact, Karine Martins and Paul Staehle are one of the most famous couples of the 90 Day Fiance Franchise. But their drama and irresponsibility made them more than reality TV. (TLC)

Meanwhile, Paul says his cousin’s husband had a criminal record.

According to him, 90th day of love fans will soon know the facts surrounding this.

Some would consider Paul’s criminal record to be just as important. But we don’t know anything about her cousin or her husband except what Paul said, and what we learned from other court documents. Which is not much. It doesn’t matter how strange Paul is.

Every once in a while, Paul Staehle seems to… just start running. The audience doesn’t really understand. (TLC)

Paul wrote: “Too bad you’ve worked so hard on this.”

He said that his cousin is trying to “keep the child and prevent a proper reunification of him and our children” and “get Karine out of their lives.”

Paulo also complained that one of his sons was yelling at other children, and indicated that he learned this from his cousin.

Karine Staehle doesn't like it that way
Who among us can forget the day Paul Staehle took his wife Karine Martins on a rainy day trip to the landfill? (TLC)

There is much about this story that we do not know.

Fans know what a mess Paul and Karine are. The cousin and her husband are completely unknown, and we only hear about them through Paul. Which is… not exactly a neutral way of knowing.

We hope that whatever happens, it gives Pierre and Ethan their best chance at life. Maybe it’s not in the cards, but having a good life is the only thing that matters.

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