Peloton’s updated fitness program rules out multi-equipment workouts into a new, more expensive category

Big changes are coming The Peloton program. Starting today, the program offers three different levels of self-registration. For starters, there’s a new free plan, with no credit card required, that comes with access to more than 50 classes — even the gym is off the table. It joins Peloton’s existing service, known as App One. For $13 a month, App One gives you access to nine of Peloton’s 16 “routes,” meaning you can check out the company’s pilates, yoga and outdoor running classes. However, this section limits you to just 3 classes for the bike, treadmill and rowing per month, not included in the fitness and cross-country classes. To get unlimited access to them, you need to pay for a new subscription to Peloton’s App+, which costs $24 per month.

Instead, the change means that those who used the Peloton App to enjoy company cycling and pedaling on their non-Peloton devices will have to pay more to continue doing so. If you are an annual subscriber, you will continue to have access to all Peloton classes through its app until your membership is renewed. There, you have to decide if you want to upgrade App+. Despite today’s update, it is important to note that the Peloton App will not replace the registration of the company’s equipment, which you will still need to access its classes on Bike, Tread or machine.

On its own, Peloton is adding strength training. The company says the new “Gym” app features “self-driving, board-style” classes for those who prefer to exercise outside of their homes. The service will be available in the coming days, with the launch of the new App+ program in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK.

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