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Leftwing Hack Howie Fischer Apologizes to Kari Lake for Making Crude Jokes – Photo by Bobby Bushcraft

Kari Lake made the announcement earlier today in her first press conference since her indictment thrown and weak and corrupt Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson.

The Gateway Pundit reported live on the whole event. Kari Lake announced at the meeting that she would request Thompson’s false verdict all the way to the US Supreme Court is to initiate Greater voter registration and turnout work to help Republicans win in 2024.

JUST-IN: Kari Lake Announces She’ll Continue to Fight Her Fraud Case “In the US SUPREME COURT” – Launching the “Largest Election Campaign in Our History” (VIDEO)

Before the press conference, The Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson was setting up his gear when some so-called journalists tried to give him hell, calling him Kari Lake’s “PR guy”. He also openly destroyed the Kari lake. So, Conradson turned on his microphone and took part in a public discussion of journalists who had stopped to express their views.

In the video below, Howie Fischer, founder of Capitol Media Services, begins to laugh at Kari Lake’s surprise announcement that she will be “Donald Trump’s fourth wife.” Later in the video, Hank Stephenson of Arizona Agenda on Substack can be heard telling other reporters that he received $100 from the fraudulent RINO Maricopa County historian Stephen Richer, and that he appears to be “on another deal,” although it is not clear.

A reporter can also be heard laughing at the joke and asking, “Do we have moral standards?”

Is Mr. Stephen Richer buying radio stations to give unfair news to Lake Kari?

It’s not clear, but Stephen Richer, who hates Lake Kari and ran the Maricopa County vote in the first place, started badly and ran Pro-Democracy Republicans PACA black money PAC aimed at eliminating candidates with a MAGA agenda.

Lake spoke to Howie Fischer, who later apologized, and criticized 12 News’ Brahm Resnik for taking the only camera position during his trial and not appearing. Because of the 12 episodes, millions of viewers across the country had to rely on the unreliable Court feed, which often cuts off at critical times.

Butthurt Brahm was introduced to the Lake pronunciation of his name while answering a question from The Gateway Pundit. Like The Gateway Pundit report, a crybaby with a pottymouth was later tutored by Kari Lake and began to be insulted by the younger children in the audience. It is no more biased than the Arizona media.

Brahm is the same loser he was highly criticized comparing the Arizona GOP to Nazi Germany. It is no more biased than the Arizona media.

After the press conference, not looking good Mark Phillips of ABC15 began yelling profanities at Conradson near the children. Mark said, “Do you know who I am?” It was also started because Conradson doesn’t take sh*t from setting up media hacks.

An embarrassed Howie Fischer appears at the end of the meeting, asking Lake to forgive him below.

Howie Fischer (left) Jordan Conradson (right) – Photo by Bobby Bushcraft

Watch below:

Conradson: I heard something troubling before you left your press conference. I heard Howie Fischer, I thought you were going to be part of President Trump’s Fourth Reich. Apparently he said that you are announcing that you will be President Trump’s fourth wife. We have all the leftist media destroying you. We have one person who took a $100 Venmos from Stephen Richer; I heard that. What does it tell you about how they describe your election, your political future, and your case?

Sea: Well, I didn’t expect to get the right coverage. I think there was a poll in the election, where 87% of the coverage of the Republican candidates was negative, done by people in fake news. And there was one candidate in the survey who was 100% Learning evil, and that was me. Honestly, I’m glad because it tells you that people like Howie, who just make a “joke” like that, that you say, Jordan, is not a joke. Before journalists say that. And apparently they don’t want me because I represent We The People. They like it the way it is. They love the system of deception. I’m disappointed that Howie would do that. The Arizona Capitol Times, they cover the Capitol, and we have such things being said? How can you get proper coverage from the outlet when they’re saying this behind the microphone? I think if you say that behind the microphone, it should end up in the news if it’s your idea. Whether or not Brahm is making a very dishonest report on our case; he wasn’t even there at the trial. Channel 12 is supposed to be the pool camera where Brahm works. And they didn’t appear on camera because they didn’t want the world to see our stories, they didn’t want the world to see our court stories. And by being a pool camera and not appearing at 12 News, he stopped everyone else from being a pool camera. But they don’t want people to see what is happening in our election. That’s why they can’t explain it fairly. And I encourage every Arizonan, every American looking right now, don’t take these people’s attention. Don’t listen even for a second to them. Don’t click on their fake news. Your attention, your time, and your eyes are very important to them. Don’t give it to them.

Fischer: I’m happy to sit down and discuss what’s going on with your PR.

Conradson: I would like to point out that the guy in the hat appears to be getting $100 worth of venmos from Stephen Richer.

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