Rob Gronkowski pressures Aaron Rodgers out of Davante Adams’ Raiders exit speculation

Davante Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders and signed a massive extension. After that, he had a bad season and Adams’ friend and college quarterback, Derek Carr, was released. Speculation abounded that the All-Pro wide receiver wanted to leave Las Vegas.

Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski joined the debate. It is believed that there is disagreement within the franchise and that Adams expects to play with Carr for a long time:

“There’s got to be a little bit of disagreement. I wouldn’t say it’s with the quarterback. I’d say it’s the front office. I don’t know what they promised him or told him from the beginning but there seems to be a bit of disagreement. I’d probably say he expected to have Derek Carr for the rest of his career. because he was her friend and they were on the same page.”

He continued, adding that after Carr left, Adams perhaps hoping to reunite with the Green Bay Packers’ sudden star:

“They did well together. Davante had another Pro Bowl season for his team and dominated throughout. It didn’t matter who his quarterback was. Then when Derek Carr leaves, maybe he’s hoping for Aaron Rodgers to be the leader. Raider.”


Now, Adams “sticks” with Jimmy Garoppolo, although he recently clarified this They are not happy with the arrival of the quarterback. However, Gronkowski believes Carr or Rodgers would have made Adams happy.

Davante Adams contract breakdown: How much will Raiders WR make in 2023?

Following his trade from the Packers, Davante Adams signed a five-year, $140 million contract with Las Vegas Raiders. It included a signing bonus of $19.25 million, $65.67 million guaranteed, and an annual salary of $28 million.

Davante Adams will make over $6 million this season.
Davante Adams will make over $6 million this season.

This year, his starting salary is over $6 million. The rest of the contract is full, so he will see a big increase in his annual salary over the next few years.

He becomes unrestricted in 2027 when he will be 35 years old.

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