Rob Gronkowski shares his thoughts on the NFL’s New Kickoff Rule Changes

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The NFL is always looking for ways to make the game safer for its players.

One way they are trying to protect the players is to change the rules.

They have decided to change as many rules as possible to keep the players on the field.

But one area where players seem more likely to get injured is in the starting lineup.

This is why the NFL is doing everything it can to make kickoffs pointless.

The most recent change is that players can make a good catch anywhere inside the 25 yard line and take the ball at the 25 to start possession.

NFL Legend Rob Gronkowski went on the Up & Adams show to talk about his distaste for the new law.

Gronk thinks it’s “getting a little silly” about the rule change.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said the same thing about the rule change.

He said if they change enough rules the game will turn into flag football.

As Gronk said, most starts can be about touchdowns.

So this rule change is another incentive for players not to retaliate.

All the NFL is trying to do is prevent players from rushing and bumping into each other on kickoffs.

This rule should help prevent this and reduce the risk of injuries around the league.

Any team that has a fast player can still turn the game around if they want to.

Hopefully, this rule change won’t result in too many injuries during the 2023 season.

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