Rolf Harris, the famous TV personality who was convicted of rape, has died at the age of 93

Rolf Harris, the veteran actor whose decades-long career as a beloved couple on British and Australian TV was derailed after he was convicted of raping teenage girls, has died aged 93.

A family statement confirmed the death but did not elaborate.

Mr. Harris, whose most popular songs in the 1960s included “Tie Me a Kangaroo Down, Game,” he was loved by generations of children for his humor on screen. He enjoyed a 60-year career as a TV presenter, songwriter and artist. He was best known for his children’s television shows such as “Rolf’s Cartoon Time” and “Animal Hospital”.

He was so respected in Britain that he was once given the privilege of painting a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

But his TV career, which spanned 50 years, fell apart in 2013, when he was arrested in Britain for sexual assault. This followed the revelation of hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse by former British TV personality Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011.

In July 2014, Mr. Harris was found guilty of 12 counts of abusing four young women from the 1960s to the 80s. Critics said he had a “Jekyll and Hyde” personality and used his fame to take advantage of his victims.

One of the victims was a friend of Mr. Harris’s daughter who said that he slept with her from the age of 13 to 19. Mr. Harris had said that their relationship was mutual, and his family and friends supported him throughout the trial.

The court found him guilty of all charges, and the judge sentenced him to five years and nine months in prison.

Mr. Harris was formally acquitted in May 2017. That same month, he was charged with four counts of sexual misconduct, which he denied. At the end of that year, the Court of Appeal overturned one of the 12 charges against him for insulting him.

Rolf Victor Harris was born in Bassendean, a town in Perth, Australia, on March 30, 1930. He was a professional swimmer in his youth and later went to art school in Australia before moving to England and starting his television career with a small part. ono. A BBC show in 1952.

In addition to hosting children’s shows such as “Rolf’s Cartoon Club,” Mr. Harris was also known in the 60s for singing popular songs including. “Two Boys,” which became the Christmas number 1 in Britain.

By the 2000s, he was considered a treasure of sorts: the Queen had a portrait of him in 2005 to mark her 80th birthday, and the portrait was displayed at Buckingham Palace. He also starred in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert outside the palace in 2012.

After his conviction, Mr. Harris was stripped of many honors, including the Order of the British Empire and the Order of Australia.

After being released from prison, he left the public life and settled in his home in Berkshire in the south of England.

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