Ron DeSantis’ Elon Musk Stunt Is a Loser’s Game

How can you tell if a candidate knows he’s going to lose before he starts running? They use magic to launch their campaign.

NBC News said:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced his candidacy for president in talks with Twitter CEO Elon Musk, three sources familiar with the plan told NBC News.

Musk and DeSantis will host the event on Twitter Spaces, the site’s social media platform, on Wednesday at 6pm ET. It will be run by David Sacks, a technology entrepreneur who is a confidant of Musk and an aide to DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis is launching his presidential campaign on an audio-only platform on the social media platform that has been gaining traction with advertisers and users. The point of this gimmick is not to say that Ron DeSantis is the president.

Gov. DeSantis is trying to steal the headlines and do something ‘outside the box’ to get attention, or maybe that’s a move on DeSantis’s part, which could be like ‘we’re disturbing young people shaking.’ set up campaign announcements.’

The truth is that DeSantis has a social problem. His book tours were painful to watch. Gov. DeSantis is not good behind the scenes and needs a medium to hide his flaws.

DeSantis also feels the pressure of the polls, which are not important right now, but they all agree that Trump is losing badly.

Trump got a CNN Town Hall that was set up for him to cover for days, not for good reason, but he got everything he wanted. DeSantis is going on Twitter Space, then Fox News’ 8 PM slot for an interview with Trey Gowdy.

No one screams winner. It sounds like someone who didn’t think he could lose trying to play.

If this is the Ron DeSantis campaign’s idea of ​​launching a major presidential campaign, they are in more trouble than we thought.

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